Binoculars for Hunting

Written by: OUTDOOR

What Size Binoculars for Hunting? Spot Your Target Well

Many pro-hunters have mastered tracking their target through the eyes. But we also know too err is human. So, man needs some assistance, such as a quality optical device-the binocular.

But if you don’t know what size binoculars for hunting you need, you can’t make out the full benefit of using it. However, there are different sizes of binoculars. What size you need depends on your hunting type and target area range.

Tension not. After going through this article, you can have a complete idea of binocular sizing. We have explained it here quite clearly for you to understand to choose the right binocular to spot your target deftly.

How Binocular Sizing Works?

Wait, before directly jumping on the binocular sizing, you should have some concept on the size calculation. After that, it will be easier for you to understand what size binoculars for hunting will be perfect. Some may have the misconception that cheap birding binoculars are not for hunting. Keep on reading; you will get it finely swallowed.

The size of the binoculars depends on two factors-

  1. Magnification &
  2. Objective lens size


When you go to buy a binocular, you will find the size is written with 2 numbers in a multiplying mode. The first number cites magnification power.

Well, magnification is the power of the binocular to show the object closer to your eyes. The magnification number defines how close you can watch the object than you could have seen with your bare eyes.

Suppose a binocular of 10×40 in size. This means you can watch your object 10 times closer than that could be with the bare eyes. Now, if your target is 400 yards away from you, then with a 10x sized binocular, you can watch it like 40 yards away.

Binoculars for Hunting? Spot Your Target Well

We hope the magnification number has been cleared for you. You must be thinking the more number it is, the more excellent viewing option you can have. But you’re mistaken here. Most can fail here, not a big deal.

The binoculars with higher magnification power are hard to use, especially for the hunters-because they need very little movement to have clear visibility. And for a hunter, it’s hard even to imagine that you can hardly move your binocular. Right? So, the binoculars with 8x or 10x magnifying power will be up to the mark for hunting.

Objective Lens Size

After the magnification power size, the second number defines the objective lens size. Now, what does objective lens size mean-this question must be peeking into your mind? Well, let it come royal because we are now explaining this to you with examples.

The objective lens number is to define the diameter of the light transmitted to your eyes through the lens. And this diameter is calculated by dividing the second number into the first one-the magnification power.

Does it seem complicated? Let me give an example. Suppose the size of the binocular is 10×42. Dividing 42 into ten, we get 4.2 that is the diameter of the light that is gathered on the lens. Here, this sizing also works opposite for hunting.

For hunting purposes only, 30mm, 42mm, 50mm would beat the deal. Be careful. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the higher the diameter means more light transmission resulting in a clear view. Here, things don’t work like this.

Then, what size should you choose? We are disclosing it on the next point where you will know the right size of binoculars depending on different hunting locations.

What Size of Binoculars for Hunting?

Besides technical sizing, there are two more ways to pick the right one. Depending on the objective lens transmission power, there are two sizes of binoculars.

  1. Compact sized binocular &
  2. Full-sized binocular

Compact-Sized Binoculars

The compact-sized binoculars feature 25 to 28mm diameter of the objective lens and smaller. These are called the compact-sized as these weigh around 1 pound or even less than that. For the very lightweight feature and easy portability, many hunters like it.

However, the compact size gives enough relief to the eye with room for a fine position for those who wear glasses.

Full-Sized Binoculars

The objective lens with 42mm or higher binoculars is the full-sized binoculars. These binoculars weigh more than 1 pound. On top of that, the more this number is, the bulkier the binocular will be to carry.

However, a higher objective lens provides a wide range of light transmission, providing a vivid image with higher magnification power.

And full-sized binoculars will, of course, perform a better quality in wide FOV(Field of View). But that must be chosen depending on the location-for example, where you don’t move binocular very often, such as hunting in the desert.

Standard Size Binoculars for Hunting

The best and widely-used binocular size for hunting is 10×42, where magnification power is 10x, and the diameter of the transmitted light is 4.2mm. However, the 8×30 size of binoculars is much popular as mid-sized.

For low-light view, the full-sized binocular do the best job for you. Objective lens size of 50mm and 10x magnification power creates a superb combination.  This size is also perfect for the long-range distance target. This will also work where the distance is over 1 mile. Obviously, if you don’t bother with the heavyweight in carrying, it can be a better pick for you.

Final Words

Binoculars are an essential need for western hunters, from novice to professional. Before buying your binocular, you must know what size binoculars for hunting would be best for you.

Besides these, the fine coating of the lens, waterproof facilities-all of these are essential to consider when you buy a binocular.

Grab the excellent optics, of course. You may not know what optics are coming ahead to take your hunting to a new level.