Leave Old Furniture on the Curb

Written by: LIFESTYLE

What Happens If I Leave Old Furniture on the Curb?

It’s against the law to dump stuff on the curb at any time. If you must leave furniture, electrical appliances, or anything at all on the curb, make sure someone’s picking it up. In this case, if you’re leaving furniture on the sidewalk, then contact the right furniture removal company beforehand.

The same applies to donations. Some charitable organizations pick up furniture and other items slated for donation. Most of these organizations will even pick up the items when you’re not around. Therefore, it’s imperative that you contact them prior to leaving stuff out on the curb. For garbage pickup, you’ll need to schedule and pay in advance.

Leaving old furniture on the curb might seem like an innocent practice until you realize that there’s a significant charge. You can’t just leave stuff on the sidewalks and expect that a certain service will come to pick it up. Ideally, when you leave items on the curb, here’s what will happen:

Leave Old Furniture on the Curb

You Could End Up With a Huge Penalty

Since it’s illegal, you can easily get penalized for leaving stuff on the sidewalks. Unless you have a valid reason for doing so, try and avoid the practice.

Attracts Vermin, Mold, and Bacteria

Aside from the charges you’ll foot for leaving old furniture on the curb, you are most likely inviting pest problems. When furniture removal experts don’t come to pick up the piece of furniture you dump, it will start rotting. Typical of wood, it won’t be surprising to find bacteria, mold, and even vermin present in the vicinity.

Destroys the Curb Appeal

Old pieces of furniture, and other types of junk left on the curb affect the appearance of a street. They make it seem unsightly and uninviting. Moreover, who would want to live in a place that has no curb appeal?

Creates Obstructions

Sidewalks are for pedestrians, cyclists and sometimes motorists. Therefore, leaving furniture on the curb can lead to obstructions in movement. This might as well lead to accidents on the road. This is especially true if the curb stays like that for long.

Encourage More Litter

People are inclined to imitate what they see happening around them. For newbie neighbors, they’ll probably copy your habits. If you dispose of old furniture on the curb, for instance, they’ll do the same.

Imagine a scenario where everyone is throwing stuff on the street. It would turn into a chaotic scene within no time, right? Illegal dumping is, and has been, a huge challenge on the sidewalks of major towns and cities. The most common types of debris being mattresses, furniture, and electrical appliances.

The most saddening bit of it is that this dumping occurs in nearby places of business and schools. Therefore, what if we all took the initiative to dispose of items the right way? What if we all call a professional furniture removal company when we need old furniture gone?

Options to Use for Furniture Removal

Now that you know what happens when you leave old pieces of furniture on the sidewalks, which alternatives exist? There are tons of options to get rid of furniture either for free or at a subsidized cost. Here are the best ones we think can help you out:


This feasible furniture removal option is as simple as dialing your phone or scheduling a pickup from their website. Locate the right charity group you want to donate to and send them your location for a free pickup. Very few of them will require you to take the donation personally. Even if they do, you can still use a furniture removal company to haul it away.

Take it To the Dump

Of course, if you wish, you can take the old furniture item to the landfill. However, you’ll need to check with your local municipality first before doing so. You may take several sets of furniture there, only to find out that they have caps or limits. Besides, they may have restrictions on some types of furniture.

Consider Scrappers

A scrap metal yard could be on your list of furniture removal options. Nonetheless, you need to note that they’ll only take your furniture if it has some metallic construction. Preferably, they’ll give more attention and consideration to non-ferrous metal. They may even pay you for the delivery.


If you don’t need something, how about you make money out of it. There are tons of websites that offer a platform to sell furniture. Choose one of them and post the furniture you own to locate clients. They’ll either come for it or request delivery from your end. In case of such a request, you can still call a furniture removal company for assistance.

Request a Furniture Removal Service

The best option, in all honesty, is to call a furniture removal company for assistance. They’ll send in able-bodied staff to help you complete the furniture removal within no time.

Final Thoughts

Leaving old furniture on the curb isn’t right, and it could land you in some serious trouble. Call a furniture removal expert to ease the burden of old furniture off your chest.

Last modified: November 29, 2020