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The Top Wedding Dresses Trends of 2021

All the NY citizens who decided to have their wedding or to start preparing for it at such a tough time – you might be interested in the biggest wedding dresses, to be seen dresses, or in the most sophisticated ones.

Never mind what wedding vibe you are looking for – get your inspiration at, they won’t leave you disappointed.

Here is a list of top wedding dresses styles in 2021, according to “The Knot”. 

Wedding Dresses

  • Short Dresses, Statement Sleeves

Short dresses with or without statement sleeves could be a nice choice if you are longing to walk in those gorgeous shoes you have in mind for your big day. You can also wear that dress afterward, so your money would be spent wisely, not wasted on the big puffy wedding dress you are about to wear only once and then leave it completely forgotten to collect dust.

  • Hate Veils? What about Capes?

If you are looking for an autumn wedding gown or a solution for early spring wedding dresses, think about the weather in New York. It is fine mostly, but it’s better to be prepared for strong winds or low temperatures. Besides, using a cape, you can turn your gown into something quite extraordinary – search for some printed ones which will resonate with your soul and tastes.

  • Ruffles

Cascading ruffles all over your skirt or just a few of these – it’s up to you to choose, but whatever you will lay your eyes on will definitely add up some feminine spirit. You can look delicate and tender or luxurious and lush. 

  • Crepe

This material is paving its way to the top – slowly but steady. More and more brides tend to choose it for the whole dress or at least for some part of it. Don’t say “no” instantly – we highly recommend you to go to some showrooms first and touch it. Look for some fashion solutions – who knows, maybe you will find what you are looking for!

  • Bishop Sleeves

These details, which are  inspired by the style of the 80s, are quite popular today. If you don’t want to look like your granny in the old photo album, you look for less eye-catching versions. Bishop sleeves can make you look tender, elegant yet with a strong spirit. Not to overload your look, be easy on the accessories and other parts of your dress.

  • Sparkles

If you feel just like an ice queen or you want to shine like a million stars, why not add some of your inner spirits to your clothes? If you don’t want to overdo it, use some sparkling earrings or other accessories, or get brave and pour them on your dress.

Some Tips – How to Choose the One and Only Wedding Dress

Listen to your heart – this is perfect advice. Unfortunately, it can’t make the process of choosing a dress easier. There are so many things you need to have in mind that at some point, you will think of asking some professionals for help, which is, by the way, a nice way out. If you don’t have the time or financial capacity to do so, here are some tips.

  • Browse some sites, like Pinterest or local shops. You never know what may inspire you. Don’t forget to save pictures (or to take photos) of the dresses you like. If you decide to go to the tailor’s, these photos may help them to understand what you want and to work out a unique design, just for you.
  • Make appointments to try on some dresses and be extremely careful about how you feel in them. 
  • You don’t have to be just beautiful – you need to feel comfortable and confident in your dress. The cloth should be pleasant for the skin, you should be able to dance freely and move without worrying that some part of the dress will go up or down at the worst moment.
  • Choose proper underwear. Do you want to wear this dress with a bra or without? Wear a strapless one because straps that are visible can create the wrong image of the dress. 
  • Are you going to wear high heels with your dress? You should think about it beforehand. Take shoes with the same height of heels as you are going to wear at your wedding for your fitting appointments.

We Wish You the Happiest Wedding Day on Earth!

Whatever dress you decide to wear, remember that the most important thing is your happiness and the feeling of satisfaction that will surely come at the end of the day. Laugh, smile, be yourself, and let your inner little girl shine!

Last modified: November 30, 2020