Are you looking to take a trip to a one-of-a-kind destination? Barbados is one place that guarantees the best time. With the sandy beaches, deep blues, exciting cuisines, and rich culture, Barbados is the destination to be; whether you are seeking adventure or peaceful escape to an island.

From wandering along the coastlines, visiting some of the best stops, there is a lot to do in Barbados to create that exceptional island experience, but something is lacking. Before packing your bags and catching the next flight to Barbados, you will need some tools to make your trip to Barbados one of a kind. Scroll to uncover some of the traveling tips to incorporate for your visit.

  • Find accommodation beforehand

Do not leave home until you have everything housing-related on lock. Early reservations and bookings allow you to scout for something that works for your budget and avoid challenges securing accommodation.

Check availability at Gardenia Barbados to determine whether they have available spaces within your travel dates. Double-check with management to ensure they are expecting you to avoid problems during check-in.

Traveling to Barbados

  • Check COVID entry requirements

Safety comes first, more so in these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As international traveling resumes, there are travel restrictions that tourists must abide by before entering Barbados. To avoid complications during travel, monitor the entry requirements to ensure you are updated on Barbados’ entry requirements.

  • Plan an itinerary

Are you planning the trip with a travel agency or going solo? Either way, you will need an itinerary filled with things to do and places to visit in Barbados. The island is rich in culture and filled with attractions, you cannot possibly see every spot on the island, but you can pick some top attractions to visit on your trip. With an itinerary, you can make the best of your trip by catching some eventful festivals and must see-attractions.

  • Check voltage compatibility

Is the voltage in Barbados compatible with that of electrical appliances you want to bring on your trip? Laptop chargers, hairdryers, and shaving machines are some essentials you might need to carry. Some online research should help you uncover whether you find compatible options before leaving home. The last thing you want to deal with is frizzy hair in Barbados’s humidity.

  • Be Careful In The Water

Barbados has an epic diving scene. Dive spots like Maycocks, Dottins and Caribee make it a great place to take in the sea life. The island also has epic shoals and shallows allowing you to use a snorkel without having to dive. You need to be careful when buying local though. Only use safe retailers who sell known and branded diving or snorkeling equipment. In a lot of cases, you’d be better off purchasing the right snorkeling gear before heading to Barbados. You know you’ll have quality gear that just won’t let you down.

Listen to the locals regarding the sea. If it looks dangerous, don’t do it. Be careful around sharks and always listen to your guide. The sea can be misguiding sometimes, especially on the choppy East Coast. Beaches like Crane Beach can have pretty nasty rip currents too, so be careful and follow all local guidance regarding water sports and exploration.

  • Pack for the weather

Although the temperature in Barbados stays between the mid70s-mid80s throughout the year, the nights can be a little chilly. For clothing, go for something light and cotton. that allows you to stay cool in the tropics. A shawl, wrap, or jumper can help you stay warm during evenings and nights out on the island, so pop either in your suitcase.

  • Money

The currency in Barbados is the Barbados dollar (BBD); however, the US dollar is acceptable across the island. Some shops and restaurants allow credit cards and cheques but check to ensure yours falls under the major credit cards allowed.

  • Safety

Barbados is generally a safe place to travel; the crime rate is relatively low. Tourists are hardly the target of violent crimes and the hotels and villas are secured with walls and private security. There are restrictions to the nightlife scene in Barbados for tourist safety; however, if you do decide to go out, do so in groups. On the other hand, solo travelers are advised to stick to resort zones.


Peak travel season in Barbados falls between late December to mid-April, so July and November would be perfect if you plan a visit in less full time of the year. That said, Barbados is a tourist magnet all year round, so regardless of when you plan to visit, don’t forget the above tips. Plan your trip using these tips and create the ultimate Barbados experience.


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