Many people strive to create the most comfortable conditions in their homes. To do this, they choose unusual decorative elements, paintings, figurines and much more. But don’t forget about the doors! You walk through them throughout the day, so they should look beautiful and fit perfectly with the interior of each room.

New doors are suitable for both new buildings and houses in which will be going through renovation. To create a stylish and unusual design, check out the interior doors trends by designers.

Trend 1. No glazing

Previously, every interior door had glass, thanks to which it was possible to observe what was happening inside the room. Now, glass in doors is not obligatory. If your home has good natural light, you don’t have to choose models that let light through.

Interior doors without glass can be very stylish and sophisticated. Unusual ornate wood patterns, simple and austere design – each owner chooses a model that will fully meet their wishes.

The main thing is to choose the right shade that will look harmonious in your interior. The catalog of the interior door manufacturer, offers many options for modern door decor.

Trend 2. Industrial design

Industrial style has been the top design for many years. Many people prefer this trend of interior doors, which is distinguished by its strict and clear lines. Most often, such doors are black or white. They can be glossy or have a matte finish.

Gloss looks very stylish, but it’s not practical. If you have small children in your home, it is better to give preference to matte models, which will not leave fingerprints and other kinds of dirt.

Distinctive features of industrial style doors are:

  • lack of massive elements;
  • discreet handles and few accessories;
  • austere design;
  • made mainly of wood (sometimes there are inserts made of plastic and other materials).

Industrial style doors look very stylish and elegant. They will make your home more attractive by adding a touch of urban design to every room.

TOP 5 Interior Doors Trends In 2021

Trend 3. Gray shades

Previously, gray shades were used very rarely in interiors. Nowadays, fashion is changing, and you can find more and more gray decor. Interior doors are no exception. This trend of internal doors fits perfectly into any interior.

You don’t have to choose a model decorated with carved elements or other decorations. Simple design is the first thing that most of the clients pay attention to. Dark or light gray doors will be a great addition to the design in your room. Decorative wood-like finish will look especially harmonious together with laminate of a similar shade.

You can choose a door leaf in gray-brown tones. Such models attract attention, making your interior more elegant. Such a design is often used for bedrooms or living rooms.

Trend 4. Oak models

Even in a high-rise apartment, you will have the feeling that you are in a country cottage. To have it, you just need to choose the best oak doors. They are designed in a classic style. Strict lines, no flashy decor and calm tones are what you will definitely like, and they will make your home more stylish and sophisticated.

Your door can have only one shade. On more exclusive models, you will see an exact repetition of the tree cut pattern. Quality doors are completely soundproof, which creates coziness and privacy in every room.

Models made of natural wood are more expensive. But this is no coincidence – they are of a very high quality and presentable appearance. Wooden doors will be an excellent addition to the interior of your study or bedroom.

Such models are often ordered by those who are preparing to sell their real estate. Simple redecoration and wooden interior doors will add charm to every room. You no longer need to think how to transform your premises. Classic doors will be enough for every buyer to be delighted after visiting your house.

Trend 5. Classic white

If you are used to the classic look, you will love the pre-hung doors trends in white. They perfectly complement the design of the apartment, as they combine charm and sophistication. Modern doors with a reinforced structure will bring charm and austerity into your home, which is difficult to achieve if you install other models.

For residents of small apartments, white decorative elements are an excellent solution for visually expanding the space. Your rooms will be much more comfortable. These door models are perfect for narrow corridors.

White combines well with various room designs. It doesn’t matter if you choose linoleum or laminate flooring, stretch ceilings or wallpaper – white doors will complement any design, making it more sophisticated.

If the room is mostly in dark shades, it becomes too boring. Adding light tones will help you correct this situation. A white door will add freshness to your room and transform the interior.

Where to buy modern interior doors in US?

To create a truly stylish and sophisticated home design, you need to start by choosing the right model of interior doors. You can choose a classic or more elegant option that will bring beauty and charm to every room.

The catalog of the manufacturer United Porte offers many unique models that will help make your apartment more comfortable. If you don’t know which design will look better, contact the company manager. You will be advised on the best options that perfectly suit your requirements.


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