According to recent statistics, the vacation rental sector has an estimated $88 billion market value. Well, there is a good reason behind this overwhelming figure; everyone requires a break from time to time. Nothing beats mountains and forests when it comes to rejuvenating yourself and spending quality time with family and friends.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys camping in a tent or RV. If you are also one of them, a cabin gateway will work the best for you. It ensures the natural beauty of the outdoors and the comforts of a cozy home. But it is imperative to stay on top of planning if you want your trip to succeed.

So if you are planning a cabin getaway with your partner, friends, or family – here are some tips that will surely come in handy.

1. Set Up A Budget

When you are on vacation, you do not want to be thinking about how this will affect your bank account. So first and foremost, figure out how much you can afford for your trip. Then, with a budget in mind, you will better understand the funds you have to work with while arranging your trip.

Unlike the common assumption, it does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to have a memorable cabin gateway. So while engaging in everything on your “to-do” list may not be possible, you can still plan an enjoyable vacation by setting a budget upfront.

2. Select a Suitable Cabin

Consider going online and looking at reviews to help you find good cabins in the vicinity of the area you are visiting. For example, if your trip location is Gatlinburg, there are many Gatlinburg cabin rentals you can find online with all the ameneties you are looking for. Do your homework about what amenities they provide and it will help you choose the one best suited to your needs. Typically, standard amenities in many cabins include:

  • Beds and bunks
  • Electricity
  • Firepit and grilling grate
  • Patio
  • Outdoor picnic tables

After coming to terms with the cabin amenities, it will be easier to list what you should bring with you. Of course, things such as towels, bedding, and toiletries are necessary. But you also need to consider smaller items. For example, many tourists forget lighters, can openers, and eating utensils, which could add to the inconvenience big time. Run through a couple of scenarios in your imagination to ensure you have everything you need. For example, you might consider, “we will be roasting marshmallows over the fire at night, so I may need to pack a few more blankets.”

Determining the right cabin size also holds the key. A modest one-bedroom cabin is ideal for a romantic getaway for two people. For a group excursion, plan on each couple having their sleeping quarters. Some cabins have bunk chambers that may accommodate multiple children or teenagers.

3. Pick a Good Destination

Everyone who enjoys traveling has at least once daydreamed about what will be their next destination. Answering this question could be a tough nut to crack. It is always amazing to get out of town and visit a completely new place. However, just because you are looking for an adventure does not mean you must put in long hours behind the wheel. Ask yourself and your loved ones how much travel you are all up for.

As a rule of thumb, driving more than three hours on a standard 2-day weekend might cut into your enriching experience. But if you are taking a long weekend, moving a bit further away from home might be fun. Simply put, you should use your driving limit as a guideline to determine how far you want to go.

Apart from time restraints, considering the season can also help you narrow down the perfect travel destination. It is not possible to visit many states all year round. Even open year-round open have different seasons, with some being more appropriate to travel than others. For instance, if you can find time during December, you should consider places that are both secure and pleasant to visit during this time of year.

4. Buy Tickets In Advance

Online booking is now widely available for many local attractions and shows in popular tourist areas. Getting your tickets ahead of time is a good idea, especially if you are planning your weekend trip. That way, you will not have to keep up with the disappointment of sold-out shows. Aside from that, you will not have to waste time queuing up to buy tickets.

6. Pack Light

It is tempting to pack like you are going on a month-long vacation when you are only there for a few days. But if you pack only what you need while you are away, you can significantly reduce the amount of stress you experience when you return home from your trip. In addition, laundry and cleanup will be a breeze. On top of that, packing light also means you will have much more room in your car to buy gifts to evoke memories from the cabin getaway.

7. Plan Your Activities

It is a must to put together a vacation itinerary. First, remember that you are on vacation, so give yourself some leeway with the list of things you want to do. Next, look into the surrounding area for exciting activities and mouth-watering cuisines. For this, you may also ask your cabin rental company for advice. As locals, they might know about lesser-known attractions that offer a taste of the area’s unique character and outstanding natural beauty without having to deal with crowds.

Sometimes you might have to deal with the bad weather. But this does not mean you have to allow it to prevent you and your family from having a fun-filled day. As an alternative, bring along your family’s go-to movie or board game so that you can have a good time indoors.


Organizing your cabin getaway in advance will allow you to unwind and have a good time once you arrive. These pointers can help you choose the ideal cabin and prepare for the trip, so you don’t have to worry about the small things when you are on vacation. So, don’t forget to have fun and take in all of the natural splendor that your travel destination has to offer.


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