Time has quickly surpassed money in value in today’s digitalized world. Hence, in order to work and live smarter, practically everyone is searching for new strategies to increase productivity.

As a result, you might see a lot of applications being introduced in the market attempting to make life easier on both a personal and professional level, thanks to technological advancement. The finest apps have the capacity to enhance our wellbeing, reduce stress, and transform our lives. Want to know what are some life changing apps? Continue reading this article as we have listed the ten best applications to make your life easier.

What apps make your life easier?

1.   Trello:

Trello is the app you must look up to if you are struggling to manage your work. Trello is not like any ordinary to-do list app. It consists of different kinds of boards, cards, and lists. They make it easier for you to schedule your work according to the area of work and the urgency to complete it. Each card has extra space to write notes; you can also share your board with others. For instance, if you have some important factors jotted down, you can share that board with your team to ensure they don’t lose out on any point while executing the business plan. Trello will keep you organized, balanced, and accountable, particularly when you are remotely working.

2. Pocket:

No more losing interesting articles. With a “pocket” installed on your phone, you can save any article or videos you come across so that you can go through them in your leisure time to enjoy them to the fullest. As once saved, the content would be accessible on any device you have with your pocket, whether it’s your tablet, phone, or computer; just log in to your Pocket account. The thing that adds more value to it is that you can also use it in offline mode, making boring road trips full of entertainment.

3. Calm:

Calm is a user-friendly meditation application with a diverse range of background music to bring some serenity into your daily life while relaxing in the comfort zone of your own home. Relaxing and clearing your mind by the end of the busy work day will help you relax inside, enabling you to sleep well.

However, while you use the phone for meditation, you need to concentrate on the sound of the meditation tune to relax, so get your hands on the best call recording app like iCall. It will record the incoming calls and save them for you to catch up on later without interrupting you in the middle of your meditation. Hence, you’ll get better results.

4. Airtasker:

Rare are those who enjoy doing household chores like gardening, cleaning, and vacuuming, that too on the weekend. However, if you are among the ones who want a carefree weekend, then Airtasker is for you.

Want to know “What is the most unique app?” Airtasker is the answer as through this; you can outsource within a click. For instance, don’t wanna cook food for dinner? Hire someone to handle the task and deliver your favorite food to your doorstep. Similar to this, if life begins to build up, you can assign them to someone for the day rather than spending your entire weekend dealing with tedious activities.

5. Google Translate:

Google Translate is ideal for tourists, particularly those who travel to places where the locals don’t speak English. You can instantly translate the text into up to 26 languages using your camera and the Google Translate application. All you need to do is just take a picture of what you need to get translated, and you’ll get the answer within seconds. Isn’t that cool? Additionally, 40 different languages offer two-way automatic speech translation. This way, you can easily converse with the taxi driver in their native language. Google translate has made traveling much easier than ever before.

6. Happy:

Happy is one of the apps that will change your life. Happy is a mental health community chat application that enables depressed and anxious people to connect with others as they can talk without disclosing their identity. As a result, you can express yourself without being judged by others. This gives incredible comfort and peace to the depressed, letting them live.

7. Spendbook:

A Spendbook makes keeping track of your finances easy and hassle-free. You can effortlessly keep track of your daily expenditures. You can get access to interactive and intuitive charts or can have a calendar with a breakdown of your regular expenses and income for a thorough look at your finances.

8. AroundMe:

Being in an unknown place always haunts you but don’t worry, Aroundme is there to the rescue. With “AroundMe,” you can easily find your way to any place, whether it’s the closest bank, movie theater, or coffee shop. It also displays the neighborhood facilities you want while directing you on the appropriate path.

9. Asana and Canva:

Asana and Canva are the life changing apps for business owners. Asana is a work and project management solution for work teams. Enabling the teams to work systematically towards the business objectives. Whereas, Canva can help you with graphic designing. For instance, if you want to create images for your flyers, you can efficiently get it done with canva. However, while you attempt to make such stuff, you need to trigger your inner artist, which requires focus. Hence, to avoid interruption by incoming calls, get a call recorder app iPhone and make your life easier.

 10. SwiftKey:

SwiftKey is a revolutionary application as it appears to anticipate your upcoming word as you type messages. Many Android phones already have it preinstalled. It is a virtual keyboard application that is easy to use, and with possible anticipation, it has been proved as a major time saver.

Summing up the article here, we believe that it answered your question, “What are some life changing apps?” in detail. The above-suggested applications are very useful and may help you get things done efficiently. However, irrelevant interruptions may badly influence your creativity. To avoid this, get your hands on the best call recorder like iCall, so you don’t lose focus while you work and catch up with your friend later very easily.


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