Have you ever considered the idea of camping for free and getting paid for it? If you’re open to the concept of work camping, this could be possible for you! While work camping has likely been around for ages, the term itself is relatively new.


Work camping (coined from work+camping) is just as it sounds – a form of camping where you work a full-time or part-time job in exchange for a campsite, amenities, and payment. You will be compensated depending on the job, and it’s a great way to experience the outdoors while also earning a little extra income.


Work camping can be an opportunity for people who enjoy the outdoors and want to experience different parts of the country while working. This arrangement is a win-win for anyone who gets to try this camping setup. Here are examples of the obvious benefits we can think of:

  1. Explore Different Career Options

Different Career Options

If you’re trying to figure out what career path or industry you might enjoy, work camping could be a great way to gain some experience and see what you like. Work camping allows you to try out different career options on a short-term basis, which means you can get a taste of what other jobs are like without committing to anything long-term.

  1. Build Connections

One of the great things about work camping is the opportunity to meet new people! You’ll get to know your fellow work campers and the campers at the location where you’re working. It’s a great way to make new friends and connections, and who knows what kind of adventures you’ll have together?

  1. Flexibility

Work camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to travel and discover new places. Because work camping jobs are often short-term or seasonal, you’ll have the opportunity to try out different locations and experiences.

  1. Acquire New Skills

Work camping jobs involve various tasks and responsibilities, which provide the opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing ones. If you love learning and taking on new challenges, work camping is the perfect fit for you.

  1. Save Money

If you’re thinking about giving work camping a try, one of the benefits you can look forward to is lower living costs! Work camping jobs come with a campsite or RV site as part of the compensation, which can help make the costs of living more manageable. It’s a fantastic way to save money while still enjoying all the beauty the great outdoors offers.


One of the key things to figure out is which jobs are available for work campers, as they are pretty specific. Don’t worry; we’ll take a closer look and see what options are out there. Let’s go!

  1. Tour guide

Are you passionate about a particular subject, such as history or nature? You can turn that passion into a work camping job as a campground or recreational area tour guide. These positions involve leading groups of people on tours and sharing your knowledge about the area.

  1. Campground Worker

Campground workers take charge of keeping the campsite clean and tidy and ensuring that everything is in good repair. In many cases, work campers who work in maintenance do so in exchange for a free campsite without additional compensation. If you’re handy and enjoy keeping things in good shape, this could be a tremendous work camping opportunity.

  1. Housekeeping

If you’re interested in work camping, consider taking on a job cleaning and maintaining rental cabins, yurts, or other types of accommodations. This job involves ensuring that the rental units are clean and well-maintained, which can be an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy cleaning and taking care of things.

  1. Retail or Customer Service

These positions involve assisting customers and handling sales transactions, so if you have good customer service skills and enjoy interacting with people, this could be a great opportunity.

  1. Seasonal Park Ranger

Suppose you enjoy helping with various tasks, such as interpreting the park’s natural and cultural resources, leading guided tours, and assisting with visitor services. You’ll get the chance to share your knowledge about the natural world and interact with people while living and working in a beautiful location.


  1. Websites

These websites include Workamper.com, WorkampingJobs.com, and CoolWorks.com. These websites allow you to search for jobs by location, type of work, and other criteria to find the perfect opportunity.

  1. Social media

If you’re looking for work camping jobs, remember to check out social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many campgrounds and recreational areas advertise work camping jobs on these sites, so it’s worth searching hashtags like #workamping, #workampers, and #campgroundjobs to see what’s available.

  1. Word of mouth

Be bold and ask around if you’re looking for work camping opportunities. Other work campers and campers can be excellent sources of information about job openings and opportunities. They may know of slots that aren’t advertised elsewhere or be able to give you insights into what different jobs are like.


Work Camping allows individuals to reduce their living expenses, expand their social circles, gain new abilities, and increase their income. It also allows individuals to explore various careers and industries temporarily. There are several options for finding work camping positions, such as websites, social media, campground associations, and personal recommendations. The peak season for job openings is in the summer. We hope this guide provided the information you were seeking.




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