Do you continuously see the Caucasian female character with wavy brown hair and green eyes on your social media feed? This is basically a Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass making people curious about why she is all over the internet!

But, no worries, in this article, we’ll be revealing what and how this meme was formed. And what this meme really means.

But before we get into the details of the Aunt Cass meme, we should try to figure out how and when the “meme” word was derived from?

The word Meme is not pronounced as me-me but ‘Meem’. It was first used by Richard Dawkins in 1976. He used this word in the book named “The Selfish Gene”. Further, this meme was introduced to Dawkins through the greek word “Mimeme”. This word conveys the meaning “that which is imitated”.

Back to our topic, users on the different social media platforms are obsessed with the Aunt Cass memes from the cartoon Big Hero 6.

So why not jump into the details of who actually introduced this meme and how far this meme has made its way in the world of the memes

What is Aunt Cass Meme?

Evident by the meme name, this meme is being made on Aunt Cass. But still, the question here is, who is Aunt Cass? If you are unknown by the fact of who Aunt Cass is, let us tell you about this fictional character.

Aunt Cass is a key character that mostly appears in the franchise of Big Hero 6 Movie. She is the guardian of all the lead characters in Big Hero 6. These lead characters are two brothers, Tadashi and Hiro.

Speaking of her character description, which shows that she runs a coffee shop and owns a bakery. In Big Hero 6, she’s also shown that she holds her nephews from the protagonists in the most elevated regard, and she deeply cares about her nephews. The best part of this character is there is always a smile on her face.

Introduction to Big Hero 6

You must have heard of this movie if you are a movie lover. Big Hero 6 is a fictitious superhero clan that is one of the main parts of Marvel Comics. This whole show is created by the famous and renowned artist Man of Action.

Though, if you think that Aunt Cass Meme has gained popularity after this show, you are wrong here.

In the next part, we’ll explain clearly why Aunt Cass Meme gained such popularity.

Aunt Cass Meme Meaning Explained

Aunt Cass’s meme got viral because the character’s image has been totally photoshopped. It’s photoshopped inappropriately with the big breasts, which look more appealing to the audience. However, in the movie, she was entirely covered by the blouse.

People use this meme to relate to something seducing or alluring usually. While on the other hand, the actual character is totally different

Origin of Aunt Cass Meme

This meme was first created by the Deviant Art user Rastifa in 2016. This image by the Rastifan got people’s attention and huge interactions by the members due to the cleavage, but it didn’t go viral initially.

The meme revolved around the internet in December 2020 when suddenly people started making sexual jokes on Reddit using this image. Over time, this meme started spreading, and now it’s literally everywhere!

Therefore, the busty Aunt Cass Meme has become viral, and the real character of the Big  Hero 6 movie got unwanted fame as well.

What are Internet Users saying about This Meme?

Though we are not sure of the exact comments and reviews about this meme, after thorough research, we can say that the majority of the users have enjoyed this meme, which is also one of the reasons it got viral.

Wrapping Up

The Aunt Cass meme hasn’t become popular due to one reason. Not only do users like this trend, but they have also created more memes on it. Though, the real character is happy and innocent, which makes this meme somewhat flimsy and unethical for the people who are seeing this character for the first time.

Let us know in the comments whether you like such memes and what you think of this character?


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