Are you looking for the best place to buy toys and collectibles? Look no further than Entertainment Earth! They are a depend on source for all things geeky, and their customer service is top-notch.

In this article post, we will look at everything that Entertainment Earth has to offer, from its selection of products to its shipping policies. We’ll also provide an overview of their customer service so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to shop with them.

We’ll start with their product selection. Entertainment Earth is a one-stop shop for geeky toys and collectibles of all shapes and sizes. They have something for everyone, including products from popular TV shows, movies, and video games. If you’re looking for that hard-to-find action figure or Funko Pop, then Entertainment Earth is the place to find it.

Is Entertainment Earth legit?

Yes, Entertainment Earth is a legit retailer. They have been in work since 1996, and they are a trusted source for geeky toys and collectibles. Their customer service is good, and they offer a no-hassle return policy.

They have a wide selection of products and offer excellent customer service. If you’re looking for geeky toys or collectibles, then this is the place to find them!

Their website is easy to use and has all the information you need about their products. The checkout operation is quick and secure, so nothing stands between you and your order.

What is

Entertainment Earth is an American online retailer specializing in action figures, toys, and collectibles. The company was founded in 1996 by Barry Boesch, who developed it as a retail division of Toy Wiz. The website is divided into various classifications like movies & TV, cartoons’ shows and games, etc. You can easily find all the products related to your favorite movie or TV show.

Is Entertainment Earth reliable?

Yes, Entertainment Earth is a highly reliable and trustworthy source for all your toy and collectible needs. With over 20 years in the business, they have established a sterling reputation for customer service and satisfaction. Plus, their casts are always competitive, and they frequently offer discounts and special deals. So whether you’re looking for that hard-to-find action figure or a rare collectible, Entertainment Earth is one of the best places to shop.

Specifications of

  • Entertainment Earth Contact Information: 1-877-236-8743, Mon to Fri 9 AM – 5 PM PST
  • Email:
  • Official website:
  • Entertainment Earth is a leading provider of high-quality toys and collectibles, offering more than 10,000 products from your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.
  • They listen to their customers and continue to expand with new and exciting items for everyone on your gift list.
  • Entertainment Earth ships all over the world. Their international shipping program is affordable and reliable.
  • Entertainment Earth offers a 100% money-back warranty.
  • If you’re not completely well pleased with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full return of the purchase price (excluding shipping & handling).
  • Entertainment Earth accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Some debit cards are also accepted. However, they do not accept PayPal or Apple Pay.

Pros of using the website:

  • Wide selection: Entertainment Earth offers a wide selection of products that will keep you entertained for hours. Their website is very easy to use and contains all the information you need about their products, including prices, colors, and release dates.
  • The checkout process is safe and secure.
  • Easy Returns: If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days and get a full return (excluding shipping and handling).
  • Customer Support: Entertainment Earth offers excellent customer service. They have also contributed with Amazon to offer free 2-day shipping on orders over $25. If you have an Amazon account, this will save you both time and money!

Cons of using the website:

  • No PayPal or Apple Pay: Entertainment Earth does not accept PayPal or Apple Pay.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are relatively high compared to other online retailers.
  • Payment verification? No. You will have to place the order first by adding items to your cart and then clicking on ‘checkout.’ Here, you’ll have to log in or register for an account. After the order is placed, Entertainment Earth will contact you to verify your payment information before processing it.
  • Shipping Times: Although items are being shipped within 24 hours, we found that they arrive in about ten days depending on where they’re being sent and what you ordered. Some customers have stated having experienced delays of up to 2 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Entertainment Earth Customer Reviews is rated 3.5 / 5.0 by our visitors. I ordered some toys from here, and they came in perfect shape, on time. My only warning is that the shipping fee is high if you order too many things.

“Entertainment Earth has great products and a great selection, but their customer service lacks immensely. This isn’t the place to order something last minute, as you will likely not receive it in time for Christmas or an event.”

The items we bought were out of stock upon purchase, and we received no response, and our money was gone. We have been waiting for a month now and have not received any money back. We will never purchase anything else from here again due to a lack of customer service and things out of stock constantly.

“[Entertainment Earth] has the lowest prices that I’ve seen anywhere.”

“Their website is okay but can be confusing sometimes as it’s not categorized well.”

Final Verdict:

Entertainment Earth is a reputable source for all your toy and collectible needs with over 20 years in the business. It offers competitive prices frequently offers discounts and special deals. You have to pay high shipping fees, which can be inconvenient. Entertainment Earth is a popular and trusted online store, and many of our visitors use it regularly. I hope the blog post is helpful for you.


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