Everskies is one of the games that was made with the purpose of giving users the experience of the virtual world. This game has reached 20 million downloads and gone viral with over 1 billion plays making it one of the hits in the gaming industry. Also, it’s now available on Android and iOS devices.

This free online game is all the rage globally; especially it is continuously growing in Asia. Basically, this game is an interactive platform where game users can simply play different games and win prizes.

History of Everskies

If we peek into the history of Everskies a little more, it was made by a group of friends who wanted to create something free that users will play with without any interference. In short, they don’t want to get any money from the players, and the only thing required in this Tiktok Viral game is time.

Furthermore, when the company decided to reveal this game, it was first launched in Asia. But, after a few months of excessive growth of their game, they’ve decided to expand it into other countries like Brazil and U.S with their present team members.

Nowadays, in the United States, gamers are searching for this game’s “Sign up” details over the internet. In fact, they are so curious that they believe in the different ideas and opinions about the game’s level, features, styles and more.

What is Everskies?

Everskies is a fresh and brand-new online game that is projected on a digital platform. It’s a platform specially designed for creative games lovers or for people who are fond of virtual reality or 3D Type games.

It’s a dress-up game where you can make the chatrooms and forums and communicate easily with the users online. Everskies community also supports the “Event Planner Supremacy” cause. So if someone doesn’t believe in this cause, they might disgrace the Everskies community. This is what the community believes!

Everskies is famous as the Roblox Gaming platform. This legendary game was launched on the 11th of January 2020, and the development team is still underway to make this gaming experience more better.

What Can You Do in Everskies Game?

To enjoy this game on the website of Everskies, you need to become a member by logging in and registering. However, the website is still under construction a bit. But you can still visit the design studio, the orbital exit, the shops, the cloakroom and the clothing cosmos in this game.

Also, you can win gifts and earn money by playing the available games on this platform. For earning money, you need to take a few minutes of your time to be rewarded with thousands of stars. These stars will help you to purchase the stardust, and with the stardust, you can get amazing clothes for your avatar.

How Can You Sign-up on the Everskies?

To sign up for this virtual game, you need to give your username, personal email and password on the website. Everskies is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based game that aims to offer players a more extensive and immersive gaming experience. Also, this game has been designed to be played on both the desktop and mobile.

What Are the Modes of Everskies?

Everskies are a few of those games that need the users to tap on the screen to win. If we go basic, there are a total of three Levels in the game:

  • Normal
  • Daily
  • Weekly

In this game, you play as an alien who wants to leave Earth. The player has to click on the screen to move forward while dodging the obstacles and collecting the stars on the way.

This simple game has 3 modes that are made to be played in short bursts. These modes are:

  • The Classic Mode: It has no timers, and this mode is made for leisure.
  • The Challenge Mode: It has more challenging levels and time limits.
  • The Timed Mode: This mode has time limits but not as tricky levels.

The primary purpose of this game is to finish all the levels in these modes before the time run-outs. Speaking of the popular modes of this game, the timed mode is famous because it gives the players the reason to compete and work towards each other for gaining high scores.

What’s More to Find in This Game?

In this game, you’ll find the discord server in which the user can join to discover their progress on the game. With this server, they can also connect with other users from the United States now.

With the advances in technology, games are not limited to just playing. Just like in the Everskies, you can chat and contact the users globally.

Also, the admin has posted the different details on the website on how they can purchase clothes, exchange stars, and even make a yarn. You can also submit your suggestion, ideas, arts and designs on the different forums available such as contests, entertainment, creativity, ideas and more.

Is This Game Safe For Kids?

The blocking option is available, but still, this game is not recommended for children. As nobody knows the gamers’ age and more than that, kids put the wrong age in such games just to play the game, which is obviously wrong. Also, this can be harmful to their health, mental health and studies. This game can be one of the ways for the kids leading to the Tiktok, which is not a healthy app for thier minds.


All in all, this game can be a good fun activity like other games if played in moderation. However, if we see the Tiktoks of this game, we can indeed say that many people are addicted to this game, which is not a good side of this cute dressing-up avatar game.


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