Mobile phones are an important part of our busy life. People find them much useful in placing an online order of goods and services from any shopping store. There is so much we can do with our mobile handsets including booking tickets, checking results, gaming, and so on. Having a mobile phone means you should be aware of its functioning. 

Mobile Services Manager


But are you aware of Mobile Services Manager? If not much, then you must know it. In short, it is an unwanted app that fills up unnecessary space in your mobile phone without your permission. So better know how to get rid of it in this article. 

Mobile Services Manager: What Is This App About?

This applies in the integral part of mobile phones with the Android operating system. It is already installed at the time of manufacturing of the mobile device featured with Android. Well, this app does not seem to be a positive aspect, as it swallows the maximum amount of the data of your mobile phone. 

The worst is it happens without giving any notification alarm to the user. Rather, the default application gets automated updating. So this is the brief concept of the mobile services manager app, now let us get to know about what this mobile app does.

Working Of Mobile Services Manager App

One needs to know this fact that the mobile services manager application is already there during the process of installation of mobile devices supported with Android. A good amount of payment is given to the mobile carrier to execute in-app installation and for its promotion. Several big companies are dealing in the cell phone business that gives big preference to this mobile application. 

Apps that are sponsored are also promoted by them. Then all these are installed in the Android supportive devices, and hence, it results in overburdening of the unwanted applications and your phone starts operating slowly. 

Should It be Removed From Android Devices?

As has been mentioned, the mobile services manager app leads to automated generating of irrelevant applications in your mobile device that makes it slower. Also, the storage space of your mobile phone gets too much piled up with junk files. 

So this brings the need to wipe it off from your calling device. In case you feel for the app auto-updating, then no need to shift it, or if really in the mood to erase it, then you have the option to disable the application. 

Steps For Disabling The Unwanted Mobile Android App

After knowing about how the mobile services manager app does to your phone, you definitely won’t like it to be there and would surely think about removing it. But hold on, it is not that easy to remove it, because these are pre-installed apps. These apps cannot even be directly uninstalled. 

So then how one gets rid of this unwanted Android app is the question you want to know. Well, there is a process to disable the mobile services manager app of Android. And for that, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps correctly. 

Firstly, you have to go to the Settings option, then to Android OS-based App Manager. After that, you have to search for a Mobile Services Manager. If you find it then disable it or in other cases uninstall it. 

If the above-applied method becomes successful, then you will be getting rid of the mobile services manager app. But what if your attempt gets into vain. Well, not to worry, there is another alternate solution for this. All you have to do is follow the same process again. 

Once again you need to repeat the process by going to the Settings option of your Android device and click on the App manager. There you will see a dotted menu on the right corner of the top side. When you see the option of the Show System app, click it, then find a mobile service manager, and at last press the button to uninstall it. 

WSN Technology Benefit

Even though one can find several technologies related to wireless data, Wireless Sensor Technology provides lesser power and minimal price option regarding the mobile data of the users for collection and data exchange via the network of sensors. The networks of mobile are crafted especially so that it manages to cover maximum area zones having the virtue of connectivity from A to B.


Six years ago, a mobile services manager application Verizon came up with a 5G wireless network, and in the following year, it released a series of LTE system apps in the American markets. In the current scenario, there is an increasing number of mobile networks from 2G to 5G. Around ninety-eight percent of the network of 4G LTE is covered by Verizon regarding use for commercials. 

DT Ignite App

The functioning of this application works with the activation of smartphones that are connected to the internet. After server connection, the DT Ignite application collects the background information. Most of the time, this app is already equipped with more applications and gaming that get installed at the time it begins working. 

Other than games and other pre-installed apps, more new apps and games based on online activities also get added by DT Ignite. Now, it indicates that based on the activity of your mobile, there will be more new additions to upcoming apps. 

But once again it does what has been mentioned in the theory of Mobile Services Manager app working. Yes, it keeps on downloading more and more games and applications. And then once again you will notice more anonymous apps appearing on your mobile screen without your knowledge. 

Final Words

So now you know how Mobile Services Manager can be so irritating with the unnecessary installation of apps and games on your mobile devices. But instead of getting bothered by it, you can fetch out a solution by following the above-mentioned steps. If one case does not work, then you can apply for the other one that is mentioned in the article. So now you can save your phone from getting slower.


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