All you need to know about Sprint Family Locator


Sprint Family Locator Service: Everything you need to know Before Signing Up

Who would have thought a few decades back, that tracking down someone’s location would be so easy, that it could be accomplished just by their cell phone? As wrong as “tracking locations” may sound, GPS has been a real boon for humanity. Whenever you’re in an emergency and need help, you could just call on the number of your nearest police station (911 in case of US citizens) and your location is sent directly to them. They can now easily trace you.

However, to let the police detect your location, there are a few conditions. Like, your GPS should be turned on and you should be in an area that has mobile networks available. Well, not Just police, under the given conditions, it is quite easy for any random hacker to trace down your live location.

Sprint Family Locator

The Sprint family locator service allows one’s location to be tracked down by their family members or the police. Here are a few features that you must know about the Sprint family locator service.

Features of the Sprint family locator service

  1. What makes this service unique from all its contemporaries is the fact that this service does not require you to install any additional software on your cell phone. So in case you do not wish to invest in a new day smartphone, this one could be your go-to option.
  2. Before you sign up for this service, you must know about its privacy features. It must be noted that as soon as you sign up for this service, all the contacts that you have listed, shall receive a text message informing them that your number is now under the tracking network.
  3. Sprint family locator service also sends the user a text message, once in a while, to remind them that they can be tracked anytime. 
  4. To track a phone, the tracker must have the username and password of the phone to be tracked. This feature has been added to safeguard the phone against unwanted tracking. 

Benefits of using Sprint family locator service

  1. This service can be relished via any phone by sprint or Nextel. You do not have to spend money on buying new smartphones or any additional devices.
  2. The service allows you to set an automated text message. You shall receive this message from the person concerned, given that they are in the network area. The message can be received at a set time, providing you with the person’s location or it can be delivered to you, as soon as they reach the destination set by you. It works both ways. So if you wish to know what time your kids got home or their location at a given time, this service can be of great use to you.
  3. Several other tracking systems work only with new smartphones that have brand new features. However, one does not have any such demands and works with old phones too. It does not require you to download any new software or app.
  4. For those who do have smartphones, there is good news. Sprint has its app that allows you to track people in its network. For those who do not have a smartphone, there’s no need to worry. You could do the same using a computer and a stable Internet connection. All you need to do is just login with the username and password of the user’s account and there you go.
  5. The other cell phone locators charge you subscription fees in the form of data plans etc, to relish their services. Well, this one does not use such tactics and in no way costs any additional fees.
  6. While signing up for the service, users need to log in with their username and password. This information protects them against any fraud tracking and does not let an outsider track people on their list.

Disadvantages of using Sprint family locator service

  1. The Sprint family locator service is very slow at updating its information. A lot of times it fails to notify you about the current location of the person concerned, thus failing its purpose.
  2. Sprint does not fulfill any kind of illegal desire. It sends a text message each month to its users, informing them and reminding them that their phone is being tracked. Therefore if someone wishes to track the other person, without them knowing about it, it isn’t quite possible, since Sprint would notify them at each step.
  3. Getting away without being tracked isn’t a big task for those who wish to. They could switch off their cell phones, or change the settings and allow only 911 to track them, or they could even put their phone to lane mode. In all these conditions, you cannot track the cell phone and therefore the user. The user in most cases might also stop carrying their cell phones with them. This will completely fail one’s intention of tracking down the other person. In this case, no matter how hard you try, tracking down the other person and getting to know their exact location will become completely impossible.

It must be noted that tracking someone, without their knowledge and consent is not just disrespectful but very toxic too. If it is meant for the safety of the person concerned, let them be informed about it. Parents spying on their children with the help of this software stand how long it would turn once this is exposed to their children and that it can vanish the trust factor from their relationship, forever. It creates a more complex equation between parents and children and destroys the sense of belonging and protectiveness. Instead, children start feeling more insecure and unsafe when they are with their parents, compared to when they aren’t. It becomes hard for them to share things and matters and they start hiding things instead. They start feeling lonely and unprotected which often leads to disturbed mental health.

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