A 17 WSM

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What Is A 17 WSM Good For? 

If you are looking for a good rimfire, you may ask, “what is a 17 WSM good for?”. It is a powerful rimfire round with excellent results. Keep reading.


What is a 17 WSM good for?  It is useful for shooting flat, and it carries farther compared to any other rimfire.  Over the years, the 17 WSM scope has been the ideal choice for many hunters who are keen on having a successful hunting expedition. The reason being the .17 WSM cartridge that takes down targets for both close and medium ranges.

The 17 WSM comes in excellent design, and it is lightweight, making this cartridge cover a distance of up to 3000 ft./s. How powerful!  It is not affected by adverse wind drift, making it quite outstanding. Additionally, this cartridge can bear high velocity, mainly because of the high energy it uses.

What is a 17 WSM good for?

As a shooter or hunter, you might be aware that the 17 WSM is currently the best cartridge to use for the best results. This brings the question, what is a 17 WSM good for?  It is ideal for hunters looking to have the best-hunting expedition. To shooters, they offer the best shots both at close or medium range, taking the target down instantly.

For a 17 WSM to offer incredible results, you must pair it with the right rifle and the appropriate scope. Note that it is the scope that determines if you will hunt with perfection. Also, my accuracy improved when I started using red dot sights, here is a great write-up. It may be a daunting task to find the right scope bearing in mind the number of options available in the market.

What is a 17 WSM good for

Shooting style for 17 WSM

The shooting style of the 17 WSM is outstanding since the cartridge shoots accurately covering a distance of 3,000 ft within one second. Various rifles make use of this cartridge because of the amazing shooting style it is equipped with. The 17 WSM shooting style is both short and long-ranged, making it perfect regardless of the distance of the target. That has made various hunters opt for the 17 WSM due to the fact that its precision is highly acclaimed. If you want to have a taste of the most praised cartridge, try 17 WSM for your next hunting expedition.

The best scope for 17 WSM

As an avid hunter, you may be asked what makes an excellent 17 WSM scope? Many would say it’s the features it comes with, but to make the load easier, we will look at what determines the best scope for 17 WSM.

  • Adjustment

To attain high levels of precision, you should be able to adjust your scope with ease. You should, therefore, opt for one that permits you to make adjustments without any challenges. The objective bell and the parallax are the two main parts you should be keen on when adjusting to get accurate shots. You may have a clear shot, but it is how you set it up that determines the accuracy levels.

  • Zoom ability​

When shooting, you want a product that will enable you to take down targets at short distances and long distances. This is determined by the magnification levels that give a range of the target when hunting or shooting. Higher magnification should not be left out when using the 17 WSM because without that; you will not be guaranteed clear and precise shots.

  • Durability​

The 17 WSM is constructed using high-quality aluminum that has the ability to last for a long time. This cartridge is shockproof such that if it accidentally falls on a hard surface, its zero is not lost. For durability purposes, it should be moisture resistant so that when you take a shot, it is clear. The price of 17 WSM does not matter as long as it is built to last long to endure years of hunting and shooting.

  • Optics

There are instances that you will find yourself hunting from dusk to dawn. During those moments, you should work with a multi-coated lens that offers protection to the outer surface the lens is designed with. Go for a weather-resistant coating that keeps the lens from wearing out. This cartridge calls for keenness when selecting optics to guarantee exceptional shooting and hunting results. It requires a scope worthy of its capabilities, mainly being its accuracy levels.

Is the 17 WSM accurate?

What has made the .17 WSM rimfire rifle cartridge stay long in the market is its high accuracy level. While other cartridges perform a poor job, the 17 WSM is renowned for its precision, making it stand out as one of the fastest cartridges ever made. It has become a favorite to many hunters who have used it and can attest to its speed and accuracy.

What many hunters like about the 17 WSM is it can attain targets of 200 yards and take down the target without missing. This is remarkable for it means you will have a successful expedition making it reliable and dependable. So, if you have not been successful over the years finding a cartridge that delivers precision, you are in luck because the 17 WSM is accurate and will not disappoint.

Final thought

The 17 WSM has been the top choice over the years for many hunters and shooters because of its high accuracy rate. What is a 17 WSM good for?  It is good for hunting and shooting because it is the fastest cartridge that guarantees remarkable results in the field of rimfire rifles. For many years, the 17 WSM has stood out among other cartridges because of its effectiveness and precision.

However, the 17 WSM’s effectiveness is determined by the scope upon which it is mounted. This means you should be keen to get the best scope for a 17 WSM to ensure you don’t end up being disappointed. Nevertheless, it is evident that the 17 WSM is the number one choice for shooters and hunters because of its high performance.