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The Leading Guide to High-Quality Work from Home UK

An increasing number of individuals in the UK are searching for internet-based jobs that they can do from the comfort of their homes. Working from has several benefits including the fact that you don’t need an office, you have full control of your working schedule, and you can earn more.

Luckily, with the increased internet connectivity in the UK and the world at large, there are plenty of legitimate freelancing jobs available for you to complete from the house.

However, with the increased online job opportunities comes the risk of working for illegitimate companies that will exploit you and fail to pay. So, how do you find legitimate projects? This guide aims at providing answers to this very pertinent question for beginners who are looking for internet-based work.

Here are a few high-quality job opportunities to get you started with work from home UK:

Freelance Writing

Becoming a Freelancer will require you to write original content for publication by your client. You can write content for advertisement campaigns, websites, healthcare blogging sites, or fashion magazines.

For you to become an excellent Freelancing writer you must possess great English language skills and your grammar ought to be great if not perfect. Besides, you must possess a laptop or a desktop computer with a reliable internet connection.

With freelance writing, you get paid depending on the word count of the content you write. The higher the word count, the greater the earnings you get, and vice versa. However, for starters ensure you do shorter articles, and when you have mastered the art of writing you can go for longer ones. This is particularly helpful as you can proofread shorter articles thoroughly and avoid many mistakes and this can build client confidence in your writing skills.

Freelance Writing

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant means you become the admin of another individual’s business by doing tasks through online platforms right from the comfort of your house. Virtual Assistant position entails such as organizing individuals, their social media accounts, data entry tasks, proofreading, or managing someone’s finances.

As a Virtual Assistant, you must be well organized, possess excellent communication skills, and have a high-speed internet connection. You must as well be well informed regarding the latest file-sharing technologies such as Google Drive or Dropbox for faster and simpler sharing of files with your client.

When performing your duties as a Virtual Assistant under full-time employment terms, you can earn between £25,000 to £30,000 annually. If operating under the hourly rate terms, most Virtual Assistants get paid over £25 per hour, depending on the VA’s level of expertise.

Always ensure you specialize and develop skills in unique areas such as SEO, transcription to increase the amount you earn since these areas have fewer individuals with relevant skills.

Graphic Design

If you are interested in doing work from home UK as a graphic designer, opportunities available for you would be designing graphics, banners, and typographies for your clientele. There are plenty of projects posted by clients who require a logo for their companies, newsletters, banners, GIFs, brochures, and packaging designs. If you are well equipped with graphic design skills, this can be a great way for you to earn while doing tasks from home.

You must possess creative skills to thrive in the graphic design world. In addition to having a laptop or desktop computer, you will require specialized software for designing your graphics. Above all, you must be keen and follow the client’s details carefully because missing even minor details of the required design can be disastrous.

On average, graphic designers can earn up to £30,000 annually. Even so, this would depend on your level of expertise as well as the number of clients you have. A great way to maintain high standards of graphic design is through constant practice and learning new ideas.

Transcribing Audio and Video Files

This is yet another simple way of making some extra cash from the comfort of your house. You are required, as a transcriber to listen to audio or watch videos and write down the conversations in either the audio or video file.
Tasks in this field can cover various topics, and you may be required to transcribe notes, subtitle video clips, or caption videos.

To successfully start doing these tasks, you will require a computer and a stable bandwidth connection. You must also have a great command of the English language and possess excellent grammar knowledge. Fast typing speeds are also necessary for you to keep up and do the task within the allocated time. And finally, having a pair of headphones can help you out, especially you need to listen to audio that is not very clear.

It is worth noting that if you can write in a foreign language, you may get better deals that pay you well.

When it comes to earning, you earn per minute of the video or audio that you transcribe. Averagely, individuals who translate subtitles for video clips can earn up to £1,000 per month, whereas captioning and transcribing can make you up to £250 per month.

Concluding Remarks

As internet-based job opportunities increases, the range of fields providing home-based tasks for individuals to complete keeps on expanding. Various fields including graphic design, virtual assistant, freelance writing, transcription, web development among others are available. Internet-based job opportunities may not be for everyone, but if you love making money without the pressure of the workplace, then these types of projects are for you. There are many benefits you get out of doing projects from your house. For instance, you do not pay commute fees paid by an office worker, you get diversified job opportunities, and higher productivity and earnings. However, internet-based job opportunities have their unique challenges. For example, you may feel lonely and isolated, have socialization difficulty, or you may end up doing tasks for a fake company. Despite the limitations, this is an area you need to try.

Author: Aaront Bellamy

Aaront is a part-time professional writer for Technical Writers. He was an A* A Level student in English Literature and went on to achieve a first class Marketing Management degree at university. He enjoys writing for his own blog in his spare time about trending topics in society and aims to provide his readers with the most expert advice.


Last modified: October 9, 2020