Moving has always been a daunting process. No matter how many times have you moved, every time, it is a new challenge. The process of moving includes many tasks from sorting to packing to unpacking and many more.

The first step itself is very crazy and that is sorting your stuff before packing. There is a detailed moving companies list available on the internet that offer packing services, but if you choose to DIY, you must stay prepared. It is a hard job to decide what you should take along and what should you sell or donate.

The biggest of all these challenges is to deal with the heavy furniture and other appliances especially if you are opting for a DIY move and not hiring a professional moving company.

Although it is highly recommended to hire a professional company for these kinds of things at least but still if you plan for a DIY move then you can follow the instructions given below that will help you in moving your special and heavy stuff without damaging it.

Heavy Furniture

By heavy furniture here we mean both heavy and also odd shaped furniture. It is a very difficult task to pack oddly shaped furniture as you may miss a part of it that may damage during the move. Beds, Pianos, fold-out couches, and heavy wooden cabinets all fall in this category. These furniture items are not only hard to pack but are also unsafe to move on your own.

Some furniture items are very delicate yet oddly shaped. They may get damaged at a small jerk. So it is advised to take professional help in getting them packed. It seems easier when we just talk about moving heavy stuff but it is a real pain handling it on your own.



Handling appliances during a move is an even bigger challenge. Appliances like Television, Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer, and Dishwasher are very heavy in weight and are very prone to damage too. Often we have come across incidents of damaging of washing machine drums and wiring of the fridge while shifting.

The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind is taking measurements of your appliances and doors at your new place to know if you will be able to move in your appliances or not. Don’t forget to use a dolly or furniture pad for moving heavy appliances to save your home floors and walls. These appliances are very heavy and even the slightest of bump can cause damage. Using a dolly is also mandatory to keep yourself and the labour safe as it will be easier to move heavy items on a dolly.

Don’t rush, take your time to move the heavy items. You may be anxious on a moving day but it is advisable to move the dolly real slow to have a safe move. Moving these items in hurry can lead to injury and damage to the item.


Electronics are at number one position in getting damaged during a move due to their very fine cables and circuits. Electronics like Gaming Consoles, Computer, and Television are some of the most damaged. Televisions with larger screens are harder to pack and move as the screen may damage with even a small jerk. These items are not even worth repairing as the repairing cost of electronics is generally very high.

So it is highly recommended to hire professionals to pack these electronics but if you still want to have a DIY move then make sure you take all the necessary precautions while packing these electronic items. Use bubble wrap to pack TV and Gaming console and cover them in a cardboard box and don’t forget to wrap around a blanket or towel to protect the screens.

Fragile Items/Kitchenware

There are many fragile items like showpieces and kitchenware which need a lot of care while packing and moving. Chinaware and kitchen crockery are two very fragile things and should be packed with the utmost care.

Consider packing each item in a separate packing paper and then bubble wrap it. Make an inventory of all these fragile items before you start packing, this will help you in packing similar stuff in one place in an easier way. Put enough packing paper to fill the gap in the boxes. Don’t leave any gap as it may damage.

Other Equipment

Other miscellaneous equipment like sporting and musical equipment also need extra care while packing. Musical equipment like a keyboard, guitar, drum sets, and other stringed instruments should be packed in their hard cases preferably.

Sporting equipment may include home gyms, dumbbells, pool tables, and soccer balls, etc. Home gym items are generally very heavy and hard to move. Make sure to disassemble what you can and have proper assistance while moving these items.

Professional help should be taken to move specialty sporting equipment to avoid any damage and injury.

Art Pieces

Art pieces at home are not only delicate but also possess emotional values. Art pieces like paintings, Prints, and Sculptures are extremely expensive and a little damage may ruin the whole piece. So make sure you pack them properly and with utmost care. Use Canvas paper to cover the art pieces before packing them and secure them in the truck personally.

Moving to a new place can make you happier and healthier but only when you finish the process early and without any injury. Hope these tips help you have a smooth and safe relocation.


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