The recent lockdown situation from mid-March due to COVID – 19 has impacted the release of several American television series and the release of many popular series is a much-hyped topic right now.

The First 48 Season 19 was first premiered in January 2020. The first 48 as the name suggests, is a documentary series that offers an in-depth look at homicide investigations, revealing some statistics claiming that if a solid lead is not found under the first 48 hours, then its chances of getting solved get reduced by 50%.

There is a lot of hype about this famous series as the telecast of series worldwide was suspended due to lockdown and now everyone is excited about the coming seasons. Hook on to this article if you are curious to know about The First 48 Season 19 release dates and other relevant information.

The First 48 Season 19: Release Date

The First 48 series is produced by David Eilenberg, Maija Norris, Elaine Frontain Bryant, Peter Tarshis, Laura Fleury, and narrated by Dion Graham and was originally released on June 3, 2004 sprawling with 18 seasons over the years and now the season 19 is out with lots of ifs and buts.

To start with the new season, the producers are set with a two-hour special episode of interviewing some real time homicide detectives. As of 2020, Season 19 has been released at the beginning of January 2020 with the airing of more than 30 episodes. It is predicted that the season will last up to the end of the year and will keep bringing some more unique content to its viewers.

The First 48 Season 19: Release Date

The first 48 Season: Cast

Since every episode brings a different case to be solved by investigators, there is not any permanent casting of the crew for the seasons telecasted till now. Dion Graham, is an exception, as he plays the role of the narrator throughout its 18 seasons.

However, several high designated personnel like sergeants and lieutenants have appeared on the different episodes of the series. John Brown and Jason White have appeared in more than forty episodes playing the role of detectives of Tulsa Homicide.

The show follows the investigation after a homicide is committed and covers the crime investigation displaying the essentials of forensic processing and crime interrogation. Each episode of the series lasts for 45 minutes, begins with the investigation of real crimes, and ends with pinpointing the offender.

The title theme is composed by Chuck Hammer (2004-2006); Brian and Justin Deming(2006-2008) and Paul Brill (2008-2018).Under the production of A&E Company, the show has kept its charm by providing well-edited and smart casting of each episode around the U.S.

The First 48 Season 19: Plot

The series First 48 is neither a melodrama characterized by an antagonist or a protagonist nor does it offer any dramatic display of a pre-written script. It is purely an unscripted series that focuses on the coverage of true crime investigations and pinpoint the lead within the first 48 hours of the happening of crime.

For any detective, the first 48 hours of utmost importance as it’s during these very hours the chances of solving the lead culprit are high. Many cases lag if they are not followed properly under the first 48 hours and remain unsolved, thereby justifying the name of the series The First 48.

Having a plot of the story is a much-debated topic for the scriptwriters. But the debate ends on this show as this show showcases the truth and behind the scene events leading to the solving of mysterious cases around the U.S. As they say that truth is stranger than fiction, so is Series 48.

The series does not portray any fictional character and showcases real-life cases solving by the homicide investigators. Revealing truth needs some courage and true cases being solved in the series bring more naturalness to the show making it more credible to the viewers.

Although keeping the interest of the audience intact from the past 15 years, the show has collected much criticism as well as controversies for the unparalleled coverage of some incidents and screening of witnesses on screen. Recently there was much hype about the security of the witnessed being compromised as some witnesses wanted their voiceovers and blurring their face so that they don’t face any retaliation. In addition to this, some of the episodes were telecasted without correction on the Series, and due to violation of procedures and several reasons, many companies ended contracts with A&E Company.

Other Updates

The series has given rise to many spin-offs like The First 48- Missing Persons which carries the same story format as the original series which shows two cases per day, The Killer Speaks exhibiting first-hand crime handling while live interviews with the offenders and Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48.

The spin-offs of the series have enthralled the viewers with much more curiosity adding more glamour to the series. People are being influenced by the well-edited coverage of witnesses interviews along with the detailed techniques used to pinpoint the culprit and the unique content has enhanced the popularity of the series.

Since 2004, the series has entertained and captivated the interest of the viewers through its fast-paced coverage of the investigations, working endlessly on live interrogations, formatting of the characters portrayed on the show, and coming up with something unique for the audience. As of 2020, the series First 48 has successfully run its 18 seasons with 429 episodes targeting the black belt of the audience (as reported by the New York Times) around the U.S.

The First 48 Season 19 was first premiered in January 2020. As per the sources, the First 48 Season 19 has come up with more than 30 episodes and it is expected to last by the end of this year. As the series follows the detectives right after a homicide is committed, converting the reality show into a film genre, First 48 has strongly captivated the interest of the viewers making them more curious about the coming seasons.


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