Summer is approaching (it’s just around the corner, even if we’re not aware of it), and preparing the wardrobe properly becomes one of the goals for the coming weeks. The short dress or mini dress is the favorite garment of the sunny and hot season, and today we show you such short models that you will love them without the need to show anything. Do you dare with them?

Less is more:

The 90s dresses are back to stay and we couldn’t like them more. They say that less is more and this design shows it to us where simplicity is presented in its proper measure.

Following the trend of the moment:

Polka dots are one of the stars’ prints of this summer 2022 and this short version with simple lines is perfect for the occasion. Purple in color, this piece is a favorite in influencers’ wardrobes.

Although if we prefer, we can always opt for this version with a white background and XL polka dots in bottle green.

Bring out the ladylike in you:

Feminine and ladylike dresses are always a good option. Especially if they come from Solado with a mixture of daring colors.

Here are a few tricks that work to put on a mini dress and that you like the result:

This summer, showing legs is one of the trends of the season. Hence, fashion experts have embraced short dresses as one of the great bets of their wardrobe. Are you one of those who do not dare with this garment? With these certain important keys, the time may have come.

Run away from prints:

Starting to wear minidresses with wide legged casual pants requires some adaptation. It is therefore essential to invest in models that are as simple as possible. Avoid prints and choose dresses in a single tone, especially white, black, and pastel shades.

The stylists say that you should always play with the length of your dresses. If it is very mini, better flat shoe. But if you feel like wearing heels, always sensible. It is essential to compensate for the effect of the look. A plus: Choose a bag in the same tone as the shoes so that the dress takes center stage.

  1. The babydoll style doesn’t fail:

The trick of the fashion experts is none other than to opt for the babydoll style. A dress in this trend reduces the effect of showing leg. But, in addition, with the arrival of summer, it is especially flattering and fun. A plus: Sandals are the perfect icing on a look of these characteristics.

  1. Choose a design with volume:

XL sleeves or even a pattern with A-line skirts. Volume is one of the keys to making a mini dress work. Only suitable for fans of the latest women’s trends who have been advocating this type of minidress for years.

The style trick: Choose the most difficult yet and combine it with cowboy boots.

  1. The last option for those who cannot see them – Shorts:

If despite all the advice, the mini dress still doesn’t convince you, we have the solution: choose shorts. Despite having the same length, its masculine air manages to soften the effect of showing the leg. An outfit that is also valid for the office. A plus: We love the tailored suit combined with a sober white shirt to play on contrasts.

Basic tips for choosing the summer dress:

Long or short, the suits are imposed as the garment of the season. The list of options is huge. There isn’t a fashion-conscious woman who can resist summer dresses, and it’s been decades since designers were so inspired by that segment. These are the main trends for 2022:

Irregular length:

Today many dresses are shorter in the front than in the back. Long transparent garments with a short skirt underneath are also worn. But anything goes: Dresses are a wonderful opportunity to dress simply, easily, and femininely.

– Cuts: Both long or wide-cut strapless dresses made of soft fabrics, such as those worn tied at the waist or models with long pleated skirts, are in fashion. Those who like shorts can choose between wide models with elastic or belts that hide the extra kilos in the belly.

kilos in the belly.

– Another trend is the three-quarter sleeve: It’s elegant and hides the upper arms when you want it. These types of dresses embellish the figure. As for the popular long hippie dresses.

– Prints: This summer’s collections include combinations with crochet fabrics and others with ethnic or retro motifs, as well as graphic or floral prints. The less young should not exaggerate: sometimes it is better to choose striking pieces as a compliment but bet mostly on the smooth.

– Colours: In principle, everything is possible here, especially in flower patterns. But the use of warm tones such as beige, brown, and green stands out, with which you have to be careful. Khaki variants are a bit problematic and do not suit those with very fair skin.

– Fabrics: The favorites this summer are lace, light viscose, and crochet. But silk, linen, soft jersey, and cotton are also often seen. Natural materials are the best option for hot days because they help keep you cool. Those who tend to sweat should avoid polyester and similar fabrics.

– Size: Short women should not wear very long skirts. Because they make them look even lower. Another basic tip is small stature, small prints; big height, big prints.

– Figure: Women with long sleeve going out top and wide hips and legs should choose dresses that are flattering and not too narrow in the hips. On the other hand, those that are rather large on top can attract attention with a pretty neckline and for those who show off a waist, dresses that mark the waist with elastics or belts are ideal. For those who have a belly, it is ideal to highlight the neckline or the legs.

The key is to feel comfortable in the chosen dress, and this is achieved by showing the parts of the body that each woman likes the most.

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