If you are searching for the correct pictures or say clip artwork for your document, then it indeed can become an uphill task. Plus, it will gulp down most of your time. Even though Google is an available source in fetching the desired results with the best quality, still, it can be very complex when at times you will need to pick the images that don’t fall under copyright issues.

In buying the clip artwork with quality as a choice, then many of us won’t feel like affecting their budget by merely adding the visuals that would appear connecting with the project document. There is plenty of clip art that is available at no cost or say completely free.

There are those which indeed are of promise with no cost, whereas other clip artworks are also free, but they don’t need to share a similar high quality with others. In short, you won’t find them perfect for your project, even if they are available free.

According to my viewpoint, various conditions determine the value of clip arts (free). Ideal clip art must possess further characteristics like available in multi colors, featured with images of objects and people with three-dimensional looks, should be advanced in appearance, and can be fitted into the project docs.

We often get assignments given by our seniors to make a presentation on any topic of interest. Although, the content is important here. However, don’t you think it will look plain unless it is added with some clipart images that truly connect with your subject topic?

Websites for Free Clip Art

If you think so, then you are on the right track. Images do add to the interest in whatever project you are working upon. It will certainly seem appealing to your seniors, and also suitable to be shown through the presentation. You can add these images next to your topic that matches it. There are many images that you can find on the internet, or say Google.

But as mentioned above, the images that you see there might seem connected with your topics, but there is a copyright angle between them.

It all indicates that one cannot prefer the images that belong to someone else’s rights. You have to give them credit if you want to use them. But why use them when you can find the free images.

To help you in finding the clip art designs, I have listed some of the top sites that you can take as a reference for the images you want for your project documents. Let me begin with:


Even though it seems to appear basic, still, it consists of a variety of simple clip art pictures at no cost. The simplicity of this website is its bonus point in helping people to browse a perfect image for their document. Just type any topic and you will get a related picture that suits your needs.


This one is also better in vector art. You won’t find any issues with copyright, as most of the images are free, and are suitable for different types of files including SVG. So if you have been searching for quality-based and related images for your project document, then Clker is the best one to choose.


With the mention of the name, it is obvious that surely going to be the best for your school project. Here you can find a variety of images, but hold on, there can be issues with image resolutions, in short, they might look appealing in appearance but when you click it, then they might not be in the desired size for your projects on a larger scale. So keep this in mind. Even if you try to make the images larger with the help of any software, then they will get pixelated and will become worse to look at.


This is considered to be among the best-listed clipart sites in the world. The operators of this site make the best attempt in having a great cluster of pictures with better quality.


The name itself is so captivating to make you use it in finding desired clip-arts. To make your document more attractive and appealing, you can refer to gifs in animation, pleasant backgrounds, plus pages with eye-catching colors. They all are available on the Mycutegraphics website. So go to this site and explore its wonderful creativity.


If you go to this clipart website, then you will surely find an attractive collection of cliparts in the style of cartoons. But in between, you might get irritated with the inclusion of advertisements. But better not focus on them, and aim to search for better images for your project needs.


This is yet another great website choice you can make to browse numerous pictures in the big directory of clipart. With so many images around thousands, I don’t think it will prove insufficient for you to choose any of them for your required task.


Going with the name, you will understand that they are free from any hassles. Even though there are so many advertisements here, still, you won’t find the need to switch over to some other alternative website. The ads do not affect its utility. The clipart that you find here is filled with colors that look much attractive, becoming ideal for the sources of teaching.


No need to browse the sites and getting dodged with searches without getting no desired outcome. Just go to Artvex, which will convince you regarding its quality clipart images. You must visit this site, it is good.


If you are searching for clipart images that appear to be captivating in colors and graphics, then your search must end with Philipmartin. Here you can view the excellent pictures that can be useful for the projects, especially for your school-going kids. Not only children, it is an ideal website for teachers also.

Ending note

So these are some of the options you can choose if you want to copyright free images for your project document. No need to depend on Google.


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