Is there anyone in your friend circle who keeps emphasizing the modification of device models supported with iOS, and downloading of the applications which are impossible to be found in the application stores? There is a special term used in this regard, it is jailbreaking. No, this term does not mean breaking the jail and escaping out. This term is referred for technical modifications that have been for a long time.

Most of us think this term is only used among the tech-savvy people, who love the idea of bringing changes and repairing their calling gadgets. Even tablets are also considered for jailbreaking. However, the manufacturing experts of the cellphone models are not in favor of this theory. Hence, many of us adhere to the terms and conditions of their device.

Hopefully, there are genius people who with their virtue of knowledge and experience have expertise with the best answer. One such is focused on users who don’t entertain the idea of experimenting with their calling handsets. One popular application store which is not official is TweakBox. This application downloader is of much help regarding jailbreaking advantages of your handset supported with iOS, without any experiment.

This application store facilitates in providing a big collection of applications that are twisted. For example, there are specific paid apps, games, and various applications that can be searched and downloaded. Other different applications help expand the operation of your mobile handset. No doubt, TweakBox has proved its worth in standing next to Cydia as its top substitute.

However, this application is not the only option left to get confined with. Today, I bring you some more other options that are not far behind in their importance of utility other than TweakBox. If your phone seems to be supported with Android, then you are at the benefit as some of them will give the desired outcomes as per your expectations. 

6 Apps Like TweakBox:

6 Apps Like TweakBox

Panda Helper

This application might be a new player in the brigade of third-party applications, it has still proved its worth in being the better substitute app. It comprises all the characteristics that we expect to see in most applications that look the same. But the main attention goes to its feature of providing advanced game versions. But better be aware of the risks, while exploring the games at Panda Helper.


The next best substitute to TweakBox is AppDB. It has garnered good reviews among its likers, who are into much praise for this platform. One such positive factor behind its appraisal is its huge lab of applications. AppDB benefits its users by giving them access to multiple applications in comparison to other listed counterparts.

When you experience using this application after its installation, there will be many advertisements appearing in some applications. But one cannot help it to avoid, because this is how money comes. However, if these ads seem too irritating for you, then you can remove them, and for that, you have to make an upgrade to the Pro version of AppDB.

If you subscribe to it for one year, then it demands some payment for it. But you will be convinced about using it. Having the potential in loading the apps side by side with no limits, uploading one’s IPA, and swiftly installing the applications that get abrogated, then this third-party app needs serious attention.


If you have never come across this third-party application, then time to take note of it. CokernutX is clubbed with various characteristics, which makes it ideal among the users of iOS. According to some, it is the perfect substitute to TweakBox, and also Cydia.

This third-party application is in no mood to be put behind in the case of volume, featured in the latter category. On this platform, you can explore so many games of much popularity and other applications. One cannot face a bad experience in the utilization of developing tools for downloading this app.


This application seems to be a close competitor to TweakBox. It is right in saying that AppEven has become successful in garnering much fame in the last years. All kudos to its developer team, who made instant efforts in the up-gradation of this platform, keeping up with the motive to benefit the users while experiencing the robust versions of advanced applications.

It hardly matters, whether you seek advanced games, quality-based apps, or even the premium ones, with AppEven it is all possible. But sorry to say those with Android devices won’t be able to take the advantage of it.


Well, no need to get disappointed if the above application is not supportive of Android users. You can explore TutuApp that truly supports the latter operating system. It fulfills the need for being the best. Note that it applies to users of iOS also. So both the users are at the benefit of this app. If you are fond of gaming and exploring apps, then TutuApp is the best application to consider since it has a library full of all these.

This app is best at downloading multiple applications with no hindrance. I must say, it can prove to be the right choice to bet on, if you have been in search of an app with a premium version, but not in the mood to loosen your monetary bank. Now the popularity of this app has grown further, such as one can find it on PC also.

Zestia Step

This app is ideal for many users of iOS supported. Like the above apps, Zestia has also been lucky to win over the faith among its users due to its speedy feature of app store up-gradation.

When something gets downloaded but gets canceled by iOS, then Zestia comes as the possible hope in solving the issue in a much quicker way.

The second reason for its popularity is due to its provision of enabling the users to begin with no mandatory connectivity to any devices including iOS. It can be downloaded very easily on your mobile devices.


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