If you want to develop a habit of reading among your children, then you can make it happen with free reading apps. These applications will certainly prove engaging and develop an interest in your children. These apps consist of all those elements including graphical art, cartoons, illustrations, and also games that are enough to drag the attention of kids and make them glued to reading. 

All these things create more impression on the kids more with paper print. There are apps where children can experience reading stories along with reading. It is the best mechanism for developing fluency among kids. 

Reading Habits in Kids

So let us begin our article by listing down some of the best free reading apps in the current year (2021). Starting with:

ABC Letter Tracing

This free reading app appears to be very interesting in terms of colorful presentation in the form of gaming which is enough for kids to understand the alphabets in upper and lower case. With gaming, your kid will see the displayed images and sound along with. The voice behind the gaming is much motivating in guidance to the kids, at the time when the letters are traced by them. 

Khan Academy Kids

This reading app is best in providing quality content for novice readers containing several books around sixty. All these reading materials are clubbed with captivating drawings with research-based tactic learning. It is the best reading material for kindergarten kids in letting them understand the alphabetical studies from A to Z along with the sound. To drag their attention there are games where they are taught about tracing the letters and writing them. 

Unite For Literacy

This is a worthy award-winning free reading app for children. It contains more than 300 books of nonfiction. Some parts of the titles are in the Spanish language. Kids here can read them either with narration or not without it. The main emphasis of the themes in these books revolves around climate, people, wildlife, and nature. 

Sight Words List

In this free reading app, the teacher provides a quiz kind of activity, where children have to recognize what they see immediately. This app is much helpful in being very simple in imparting basic learning to kids. It contains more than 300 visual words as per the age. The words can be chosen to make your kid learn and can also make recordings in your voice. Your child’s skills certainly get brushed up with this app. 

Your Library’s Book App

Most of the time, you won’t see it in the digital zone. However, now e-books can be viewed in many libraries. They have attained importance in the form of application, where you can explore e-books for your children as well as for yourself. Some of the most noted apps include EBSCO and OverDrive. So better visit this free reading website and download it.

Kid Mode

This award-winning app also comes as free for children falling into the age category of two to eight years. Here children can enjoy learning via the display of illustrations and cartoons in the learning game app. This app will make them easy to learn the alphabet, and will also polish their skills for reading. What makes this app useful is the display of their favorite cartoon characters from Disney and other popular ones. So now it becomes two-way infotainment, getting entertainment with learning. 


This comes as another best reading app for children. It consists of reading material for kids of all age groups. But to use it, parents, as well as the teachers, are required to have an account on it. Only then they will be able to generate profiles for their readers, which are children. 

So one must create a registered email account with a sturdy password. The best thing about this app is the inclusion of music and pictures that make this app very appealing for children in having fun while learning. 

Endless Reader

Endless Reader also joins the list of the best free reading apps for children from age groups from four years to above. It follows a special tactic in teaching children through visuals. The curation of this app is made in such a manner that it beholds the attention of kids via stupendous animated sights and music also. 

This app allows children to organize words and see to it that it matches with others. The authentic effects of sound make this game more appealing. It must be referred by parents to let their kids learn via entertainment.


Hoopla comes as another recommended free reading app for children via audiobooks direct from the libraries. It comprises a plethora of audiobook categories for children that makes it a perfect source of bedtime stories. Not only this, your child can even listen to it during the car ride. It updates with new reading material.


It is also a very popular reading app for children that requires no costing and is available free. Kindle can be downloaded on any of the computing devices. Well, you might get asked for some cost besides, for purchasing the latter reading app, and the choice of your content. But it all depends on the reading material you are looking for. 


This reading app is not completely free, but somehow you can manage it. This app is best for kids from different primary levels beginning from the preschool stage to third grade. Don’t get bothered if it is not a fully free app, first explore it, and you will get good results.

Great Step in Making Kids Learn

So all dear parents and teachers, these are some of the best free reading apps for children where they can learn basic education from the beginning stage to the Third Grade stage. You can choose any of the above options, and your child will love exploring them. 

The best thing about these apps is they come up with a unique style of teaching including cartoon characters, illustrations, drawings, etc. And you know children just love it. So in short, it is a two-way form of providing education with entertainment.


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