There was a time when people have been habitual of visiting the local shops to purchase their desired products and services. But with time and advancement in technology, the aspect of shopping changed. The growing popularity of online shopping has reduced the need of venturing out in the busy market.

After all, it comes with two major benefits, firstly, it saves your time, and secondly, you can place orders with your fingertips at your laptop, desktop, or mobile. When the new payment applications came, the joy of online shopping started becoming more interesting among the shoppers.

When it comes to top payment apps which are helpful in terms of payment while doing online shopping, the Klarna app takes a prominent name in the online shopping world.

It gives advantages to its customers in buying anything without doing instant payment on the same day. But let me tell you, it is not the only online app that you can refer to, there are other best alternatives that I am going to list down in the article.

8 Similar App Like Klarna:

Best Klarna Alternative


ViaBill comes as the next best payment alternative to Klarna. It is available on more than 5,495 websites. If you are new to it, then you have to follow some rules like mentioning the required details like your phone number, and also the number of your debit card, plus your email contact id. It might take a bit of time in getting approval. 

And when it is confirmed, you can carry on with your installments for four equivalent months. But you are supposed to pay for the first one at the time of buying. ViaBill is not that much apart from Klarna, however, the only basic difference between the two is ViaBill never asks for credit checks. So there can be no space for interest worries at all.


It is one of the top payment apps and can be obtained as there is no requirement for them to apply in the credit queue with the firm. Users can make the best use of their either plastic money to buy their desired goods. They don’t have to pay instantly but in installments.

When a user purchases anything from any partner vendor, then he or she has the payment options such as Splitit. Here you can do complete payment for buying through multiple installments and it is taken from plastic money in an automated form. The purchasing limit for the regular payment mode is above $300.


This one shares a similar feature with the Klarna payment app. Afterpay enables its users to do online shopping and do payments in fourfold installments. A user can exploit enough time to do the payments within a timeframe via installments every 2 weeks. Splitit is connected with multiple dealers (around 12K). 

This shows its importance as the best app for payment. A person can avail immense opportunities in doing purchasing. Approval and rejection are all done based on every item that has been purchased by you.  To enhance the possibility of approval, then doing payments in time is the better step to make.

PayPal Credit

We all are familiar with the fame of payment giant PayPal and have experienced its services via sending and getting payments. If you prefer it, then you should be aware of the Credit feature. Here a person receives the spinning plastic card money which facilitates the utility of the credit line, which can be used again, plus uniting with your account on PayPal. 

One can understand the credit line as the task of online buying and complete timely payment. If you are a regular user of PayPal services, then you should choose this option. However, people might get turned off by the rise in interest rates.


If you have experience online shopping from top online marketplaces like  Casper, then you must be knowing about Affirm. The services of this payment app company have been expanded ever since it has been associated with numerous retailers either online or offline. Users are agreed to the fact that to qualify, there is no lesser credit score.

The usual customer of Affirm fetches a loan that exceeds more than $700 and makes a complete payment in 9 months. Now, this surely seems to appear as a considerable price for the one who provides a loan online. That is why Affirm comes as one of the best substitute options to Klarna in terms of big purchases.


After Affirm and the above payment apps, Quadpay comes as another best alternative. This payment app company divides purchase prices into 4 times payments. Every time a customer uses the service, the performance of credit checking activity takes place accordingly.

Deciding with speedy approval indicates shopping with lesser uproar. 

However, what you might not be knowing about Quadpay is when payments are not done timely by the customer, then it can impact his credit rating. However, it does let you know the significance of paying credit and steer clear of interest and other fees.


It excels in the process of a speedy approval and inclusion of soft credit checking on its customers. After the verification of your account, you get the message of confirmation.

And then your shopping begins. The best thing to notice about Sezzle is that your credit score remains unaffected even if you experience rejection. At the time of checkout, you are supposed to pay your initial installment and the rest 3 of them in two weeks in Sezzle.


Next comes Zebit with more than 2 million users. You can be the latest to join the long list of its customers. Here as a customer, you can avail yourself the opportunity to fetch interest-free credit of around $2,500.

Here the angle of age comes in. Meaning, you should be more than eighteen years of age and must be involved in it, or departing with benefits.

Ending Note

So now,  other than Klarna, you can make the best use of these payment options in buying products and services, and doing payments in an installment timely.


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