Pigeon Forge, a small town in Southern Tennessee located at the foothills of the famous Great Smoky Mountains, is rapidly grabbing the attention of tourists because of its unique offerings.

If you ever plan to visit the Great Smokies for an outdoor adventure, you shouldn’t miss out on spending time at Pigeon Forge.

It offers a range of family-friendly immersive activities that will make you forget all your worries and allow you to have the time of your life!

People around the globe fill the city with their adventurous spirit, history buff, theme park enthusiasm, and hiking energy every year.

With wine walks, guided tours, local cuisines, and numerous unique museums, your summer will be a roller coaster of fun and excitement.

Pigeon Forge is more than just a spot full of exciting places. There are themed shows, dinner shows, festivals, live music and street dance performances, civil war tributes, 4th of July celebrations, and Memorial Day celebrations with fireworks.

With that said, let us look at some thrilling summer-specific activities you can take advantage of this year.

1.   Attend Paula Deer’s Lumberjack Feud

First on the list of things to do in Pigeon Forge is visiting the Adventure Park to attend this year’s Paula Deer’s Lumberjack Feud.

This family-friendly 1.5-hour live show is highlighted with a lumberjack theme and hosts 11 competitive events between the most competitive loggers.

Even kids can take part in the show with special events curated for them.

After the show, you can enjoy other Adventure Park activities like the Flying Ox, a one-of-its-kind zip line roller coaster.

A High Woodsmen Challenge, a rope course. Logger Sports, with boom run and speed climb. Twin Timber Towers with 80 feet free fall jumps.

Take advantage of bungee jumping, tree, rock climbing, and log rolling while learning all about woodcraft.

2.   Witness Conway and Elvis Live in Action at the Main Event Theatre

If you are a fan of Elvis Presley and Conway Twitty, you must check out Travis James playing their tunes live at the Main Event Theatre at the Red Roof Mall in Parkway.

The theatre’s location is central to all the main shopping attractions, restaurants, and cafes.

Two shows run a day on Wednesdays and Sundays – 2 PM for Elvis tribute and 7:30 PM for Conway tributes, with refreshments.

Sometimes superstars like Mickey Gilley and Neil Diamond make unplanned appearances. So keep your eyes peeled for them.

3.   Ride the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Hop on the longest roller coaster in Tennessee with nine minutes of swift twists and turns, sharp U-turns, and upside-down thrill at 30 miles per hour.

Enjoy 360-degree views of the Smoky Mountains from atop equal to the size of twenty football fields combined.

You can control your cart according to your comfort level, making it thrilling for all ages. If you seek more thrill, take nighttime rides and admire the night-light views.

4.   Find your escape from the Escape Room before Time Runs Out.

Escape rooms are ideal for puzzle-seeking enthusiasts. If you have a curious nature and thrive in solving mysteries, find your way out of the escape room in time or die a virtual death.

You can choose your escape room among six themes: Prison Break, Heist, Dead Zone, Asylum, Capone, and Haunted Cabin.

On a higher level, you can participate in the Great Escape Room depicting a Presidential bunker. Break free from it and save the country from an oncoming nuclear attack.

5.   Take a Scenic Jeep Ride through the Smoky Mountains

Like hiking trails, there are numerous jeep trails from Pigeon Forge to the Great Smoky Mountains. The jeeps are open-air to let you admire the natural beauty of the mountainscape. A 6-mile roaring fork track lays ahead of the jeep track with freshwater streams along the way.

The Newfound jeep route takes you towards the meeting point of Tennessee and North Carolina. You can stop here, take in the exotic views, and take pictures before moving.

Once you reach atop, you can see the stunning mountain spread beneath. You’ll be in the clouds and on the deck of the Great Smokies.

6.   Attend the Country Tonite Show

Do not miss the best show in the Smokies – the Country Tonite show, with live music and dance performances, glittering costumes, and hilarious stand-up comedies from exceptionally talented musicians and dancers.

The show runs for two hours in a 1500-seater theatre, with LMD screens and top-notch AV equipment. Every single person in the audience gets a clear view of the stage.

The 25th-anniversary event will be memorable, with new productions, costumes, updated lighting, and new performers. So don’t miss the show and book your tickets for the best seats in time.

7.   Take a Guided Moonshine and Wine Tour

Your trip to Pigeon Forge is incomplete without getting a taste of the best of wine and hooch. Sample and enjoy wine tasting from the local wineries while listening to the history of wineries from your tour guide.

You will also learn about the Appalachian culture and the award-winning distilleries. At the same time, you sample your whiskey and moonshine after lunch and get a chance to socialize with the locals to learn more about the place.

8.   Visit Beyond the Lens! Museum

Step into the world of augmented reality, neon-lit tunnels, and LED displays at Beyond the Lens! Museum at Pigeon Forge.

Gain an insight into the world of Hollywood by learning about the special graphic effects that experts use to, for example, shows a monster destroying a city in a Hollywood movie.

The museum also features a ball pit and photo booths with picturesque backgrounds, where you can take Instagramable photos and selfies.


There are numerous fun activities to do in Pigeon Forge. You would have to visit the place yourself to witness the exotic scenic views, the roller coaster rides, the live performances, shows, etc. Pigeon Forge offers many other interactive and immersive activities.

While there, do not miss the unique Lumberjack Feud feature at Adventure Park. You will meet some of the excellent lumberjacks from around the country.

Also, attend the live show at the Main Event Theatre and try to catch Gilley and Diamond in one of the shows.

Escape rooms offer another level of thrill. If you have enough time and energy, try exploring all the escape rooms and beat your competition. It will be worth the experience.

Lastly, do not miss the guided wine tour and Beyond the Lens! Museum for unique and interactive experiences.


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