Organising The Kitchen


8 Mistakes To Avoid While Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing the entire home is a completely personalized process. The thought of organizing the house is tempting for sure, but it can also get overwhelming at the same time. So instead of thinking of the entire house as an organizing project at once, you should take one room or one space at a time.

Let’s start with the kitchen. It’s needless to say that a homemaker spends a substantial amount of the day in the kitchen, so it’s extremely important to have the space organized to know what’s stocked in your pantry, how much glassware needs to be bought to host an upcoming event. It is often noticed that people are very prone to making certain mistakes while organizing their kitchen that leads to wasting time, so we have come up with a list of

Mistakes To Avoid While Organising The Kitchen

8 Mistakes To Avoid While Organizing Your Kitchen

Not Identifying Your Zones

It’s very easy to just stock up things on the shelves, only that it will increase your hassle every time you come into the kitchen. So it’s very important to give the kitchen space a considerable thought so that you can have a functional kitchen irrespective of its size. So store things near where you will use them instead of where there is space available. For example, keep the dishwashing liquid, the gloves, the hand- soap near the sink, and so on.

Keeping The Original Package

Let’s say you have bought 3 packets of pasta. Now, if you keep them in those packets themselves, a lot of kitchen space is going to get used unnecessarily. So it’s always suggestive to buy transparent, tight lid containers to store your products.

Using Your Kitchen As It Is

While the number of cabinets cannot be increased but your kitchen space can be used further. Tension rods, hooks, magnets can neatly increase your kitchen storage to two-three times. You just need to think of your existing kitchen as the starting point and try figuring out places where hooks and rods can add storage. Remember, turning cabinets into drawers always adds to space.

Buying Unnecessary Organizers

The organizing stores sure do a great job in making unique baskets and dividers that look great and feel like a must have. But before purchasing them, think if you will at all need them if they are going to increase the kitchen storage space and fit correctly. Otherwise, it will be another object to take up the space that could be used for something useful.

Hanging On To Things

While some things might be very dear to you, despite not being of any use, and you will hesitate in removing them, they could be occupying unnecessary space. So you could prepare a give-away box to store such things that you do not wish to throw away but do not need them in particular.

Putting Anything And Everything In The Junk Drawer

The junk drawer is only for those items that are assigned to be here, such as those screws that you think you’ll need certain glues or magnets that are extra. The point is to make sure that the drawer only has junk and not the stuff that you need in the kitchen.

Ignoring Your Instincts

There are going to be plenty of ways mentioned in various websites to organize your kitchen, and they will be helpful most times, but not always. Your kitchen is your space, and you need to arrange it according to your comfort. The tips might be helpful but the photos shown might not reflect your kitchen. So choose which tips to follow and which ones to let go.

Thinking That Organizing The Kitchen Once Is Having It Organized For Life

That’s a big no. Why? Well, different people have different preferences that require a shuffling in your pre arranged kitchen. For instance, maybe you and your former roommate were not very fond of toasted bread, so it was kept in one of the cabinets for once in a while use.

Now, your new roommate absolutely loves bread, so the toaster should leave the cabinet and come to the countertop to avoid the unrequired clutter. Such similar changes should be made with the addition of people in your everyday life.

Hence, it’s best if the kitchen is rearranged at least twice a year to check if you are using the same things, to check if you need to change the arrangements to make the kitchen more functional.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind and avoiding the mistakes will surely help you better in organizing your kitchen into a functional one.

Last modified: November 20, 2020