Simple Types of Massages

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5 Practical and Simple Types of Massages

Today we are going to take a tour of various types of massages since many people wonder what type of massage to give or receive and which is suitable for a certain purpose. We are going to explain a little what each one consists of so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

We will focus on basic massages, those that are done on a stretcher and those that are done with oils. In general, they are used for back contractures, leg contractures, or day-to-day problems.

Lymphatic drainage

This is a very gentle, very subtle massages. It is done to mobilize the fluid that is in the dermis, retention fluid from the legs, or retention fluid from other sites, because of operations or other problems that may exist.

This is a very slow and very gentle massage. This massage is usually done without oil or with very little oil, on some occasions, talcum powder can be used so that it does not slip. The skin must be displaced and mobilized.

The drainage maneuvers have to be very slow, very smooth, and with prolonged movements. Imagine that the hands must perform movements as if it were a little worm moving that liquid because otherwise, we will not be able to mobilize the lymph to be able to eliminate it. This process has to follow an exact route and in a certain way.

5 Practical and Simple Types of Massages

If you like strong massages this will not work. If you want it as an anti-cellulite, it won’t work either because it won’t mobilize cellulite, which is already hard. This type of massage is for when there is liquid when you tap the skin and it bounces like when we do it in water those waves.

Circulatory massage

This massage consists of mobilizing circulation, especially in the legs, which are usually the most affected when working a long time standing or sitting. This massage already has a little more pressure than the drain but not too much, it is not necessary to work the muscles, they are simply going to be much more fluid and fast passes, always ascending, in the direction of the heart to help all that circulation to reach its destination.

This massage is usually for people who normally have very tired legs, who have varicose veins or the appearance of fine veins, and above all, it is very suitable for the summer season because, with the heat, the veins dilate and there is more stagnant blood in the legs. Usually, it takes a bit more to walk. Renews and refreshes the circulation of the extremities

They can be made with oils or specific creams to enhance this effect.

Relaxing massage

Normally people, when massage time comes, say they want a relaxing massage, but they don’t know what they want. There are two ways to do this massage: with relaxing maneuvers and with a relaxing effect.

This type of relaxing massage is for people who do not want any pain, who want to work the muscles and stretch them, but do not want to suffer in the process, then the massage is going to be muscular, but all the maneuvers are going to be very pleasant, we are going to mobilize the most hardened areas, but the person is not going to suffer, they are not going to feel uncomfortable and there is not going to be an exact work on the contractures.

This relaxing massage is recommended to be done on the entire body so that the effect is much more powerful. It is recommended for the legs, back, we do not affect any area but we touch everything.

Anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite that is in the dermis is worked on and that also focuses on free nerve endings. In this way, the fibrosis that is in the nerve endings is broken so that the body returns to leave the entire area with blood flow.

The massage is painful but it can always be adjusted to your resistance. The more you support, the more effect you will get in less time.

Deconstructing massage or sports massage

It is the massage indicated to relax the body since contractures are worked. We are going to break those fibers, remove those adhesions, and give the body fluidity and mobility.

This massage is painful but the effect is relaxing and the pressure will be the same as in the anti-cellulite massage, what you can endure and will also depend on how you play with your breath, the massages you receive, and the hardness of your muscles as the therapist should adjust the exact pressure you need.

In this massage they will be pressed with more force, especially on specific points and very mobile maneuvers will be performed. It can leave a little soreness in the first sessions but without lasting long.


After all this information, you will know what type of massage is best suited to your needs. Be sure to consult with your trusted therapist and take advice with professionals.

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Last modified: November 23, 2020