Fall Travel Destinations In The US

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8 Best Fall Travel Destinations In The US

When the weather is nice and crispy, it calls for a vacation. Fall in the US is gorgeous. The leaves are changing color, and the weather is significantly cool. If you go to the mountains, you can take in the scenic view. If you go to the beaches, you can soak in the sun and enjoy the comfort of the water against your feet.

Whether you’re going with friends or family, you want to ensure you’re hitting the proper cities and sites. And if you plan on traveling soon, don’t forget to get vaccinated and take the necessary precautions. While you’re packing your fall supplies, here are some destinations you can consider.

  • Asheville, North Carolina

Ashville is heaven during the fall season. It is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a beautiful little town filled with everything for a perfect getaway. You can dine in the local restaurants, enjoy the fresh bakeries and even drink beer from local breweries. You can also witness live street performances that will both entice and excite you.

You can also go to the Pisgah National Forest and enjoy a walk with your family. Take in the sprawling grass and changing leaves. Watch the way the waterfall crashes against the rocks. Since the weather is cool, you won’t sweat and can walk as long as you want. You can even visit the Gilded Age mansion and walk through the gardens and enjoy crisp wine.

Fall Travel Destinations

  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Everyone loves warm and sunny Tennessee. The greenery and the scenic beauty of the famous vacation state beckons. If you’re visiting Tennessee, make your way to Pigeon Forge. An action and an adventure-filled trip are waiting for you. Do check into cabins in Pigeon Forge TN, so that you’re well-rested and get to experience mesmerizing views of the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance. Since the town is also in a mountainous area, you can enjoy hiking and explore fascinating mountain rides.

You can even take your children to museums to pick on some learning along the way. Museums such as the Alcatraz prison museum should be on your list. When you want to wind down after exploring, enjoy a cup of coffee and play mini-golf for a fun day packed with action and adventure.

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole has the most popular ski areas, which is always crowded. If you’re into mountain foliage and want to explore the scenic beauty around you, give it a visit. Fall is also the best time for your visitation. There are fewer crowds and more space for you to walk. It would help if you tried driving to the resort.

The route will take you through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. A definite gateway for your outdoor adventure. Apart from taking in the views around you, visit the museum of wildlife art. It’s a treat for you and your children. You can also enjoy a luxurious retreat at the four seasons resort at Jackson Hole.

  • Sonoma, California

California is rich in forests. When fall comes, the lush green leaves turn orange. The cozy weather is an invitation for sipping and relishing wine. Sonoma is a wine lover’s hub. While you’re cloaked in the beautiful falling leaves, ride the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley. Wine can give you excellent R and R.

If you feel like taking a break from sipping wine, treat yourself to a hike. The Bodega Head Trail is surrounded by oceans and bay views that also include fresh seafood for lunch. If you want to kick back and rest, you may want to go to a nearby farmhouse inn for a luxurious rest. Fall is not complete without a classy dinner and ending your night with a glass of red wine.

  • New York City, New York

New York is the city of lights. As summer fades into the background and fall hits New York, it is the perfect time for visiting the city. New York is a wonderland on its own. You can go to different shops, feast in restaurants and even relish museums. New York is also known for Broadway.

You may want to get tickets and witness the magic of art, music, and theater firsthand. Don’t forget to stroll through Central Park with the leaves falling around you. You can even stay at a hotel bordering the park. These include The Mark or the Marriott Essex House. The coffee in New York is also worth the visit. Last but not least, the New York skyline is breathtaking.

  • Flagstaff, Arizona

Arizona is nature’s bounty. The city has national forests, monuments, and even parks, making fall the best time of the year to visit Arizona. Flagstaff is also rich in Native American history and culture.

So you’re getting a chance to walk through time and learn so much about American history. It would help if you also visited the woods and hills of the Painted Desert when you’re there. If you’re interested in a drive, you should also visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a breathtaking mountain town. It is even more gorgeous in the fall. Colorful leaves line the paths around the mountain. If you want to take advantage of fewer crowds, you may want to go in early October. The best part about your visit is you can bike, hike and even ride your car. Popular spots include Bear Creek Falls and Black Bear Pass.

You can even visit Telluride’s national museum before you leave. There are numerous hotels for you to have your meals and even a brewery to enjoy good beer. If you also want a decent game of golf, hit the local golf courses for a swing during the cool, sunny afternoons.

  • Maui, Hawaii

The big island of Hawaii is more than just an island full of vegetation. Maui is a resort for families and offers plenty of fun things to do. You can surf, eat fresh seafood and fruits. The majestic island is gorgeous in the fall. You can go on long hikes and even enjoy the rainfall. The beaches in Hawaii are beautiful.

They invite you to swim and surf in the water. The mountains have a beautiful trail for you to explore while displaying stunning views of Hawaii. There is also plenty for children to do as well. Hence, it’s the perfect destination for an exotic family vacation.

Wrap up

Vacations are essential for you. They help you rest and recoup from everyday stress. And fall is just about the right time of the year to enjoy a well-planned and relaxing trip. There are many sites for you to visit in The US. Each place is wondrous and beautiful to look at. This article mentions a few popular destinations you can consider. So, get vaccinated, choose a city, pack your bags, and have a blast!

Last modified: September 15, 2021