It’s that time of year where you get to plan a special day for the number one woman in your life. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we know you want to make sure your mom feels appreciated on Mother’s Day, even if it may not look like it has in years past.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect Mother’s Day activities, we have some ideas on how you can put together a thoughtful and socially-distanced Mother’s Day brunch.

And don’t worry—even if you and your mother aren’t currently close in location, we have brunch ideas that can turn any regular Zoom session into a fun and festive event for you and your mom or the whole family.

Slip into a comfy and cute house dress and let’s start planning a Mother’s Day fit for a queen!

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Different Types of Socially-Distanced Brunches

Before you start figuring out what you’ll be eating—whether you’ll be cooking or dining out at a restaurant—it’s important to assess the comfort level of yourself and your guests.

  • Dining Out for Brunch–If you have been regularly dining out and your family doesn’t mind going out to eat—whether it be sitting inside or sitting outside on a restaurant patio—you can count restaurants in when planning your Mother’s Day brunch. To make sure that your restaurant of choice is following the CDC guidelines for social distancing, you can visit their website. Does your mom have a special spot she loves to go where she can celebrate herself? If so, make a reservation at that restaurant and request to sit outside—weather permitting and socially-distanced from other tables. Most restaurants are very accommodating.
  • Virtual Brunch–If your family is spread out across the country or live in separate households and would rather not gather in large groups—let alone go out to eat—you can easily put together a personalized virtual brunch that still honors your mom and keeps everyone safe. The best part is that you may be able to wear one of your favorite cute house dresses. Keep reading for more tips on how to make this brunch a hit!
  • Hosting an In-Person Brunch–If your family is a part of your “quarantine pod” and you’d like to host a brunch at your house, we have shared some ideas below on how to implement social distancing guidelines while at home. If the weather is nice where you are, we suggest hosting the brunch outside. This will help mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 and aid in your social distancing efforts. Make sure you inform your guests that you plan on this gathering being a socially distant one. Having the cooperation of everybody involved can not only make your socially distant Mother’s Day brunch successful, but it will also keep everyone feeling safe.

Now that you have chosen which type of brunch you’d like to host, here are some of the ways you can make either kind of brunch perfect and safe for Mother’s Day.

Different Types of Socially-Distanced Brunches

How to Elevate a Socially-Distanced Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch may be different than the ones you have hosted in the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun festivities and celebration. Whether you’re going out to eat or hosting a virtual brunch, there are many things you can do to make your mom feel loved and special. Here are some of our favorite ways to jazz up any Mother’s Day brunch.

  • Create a Dress Code or Theme

Whenever parties or events have a dress code, it makes the occasion much more interesting and it will be fun to see what outfits your guests come up with. This activity works whether you’re hosting a virtual brunch or getting together with your family or mother in person. As you create a color scheme or outfit theme for your brunch, make sure to let your family and guests know well in advance so that they can prepare. And don’t forget to style one of your favorite cute blouses to match the color scheme and dress your outfit up with some cute accessories.

  • Send Out Cute Invites

What better way to let your family and brunch guests know about your fun Mother’s Day brunch than through cute invites. Since many people haven’t gotten the chance to see family and friends much over the past year, handwritten letters or invitations are a nice touch. Whether you are hosting a virtual or in-person brunch, you can send out these invites to get everyone excited and let them know how to participate in your brunch.

  • Map Out Socially-Distanced Seating

If you plan on having families from different households coming to your in-person Mother’s Day brunch, you can always set up separate tables for each household. Organize the tables or seating areas in a circle so that everyone can interact with each other while also being socially distant. If you want to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to have people come to your in-person brunch only when it’s ready to eat. Having people linger around while you’re preparing food or getting set up can create room for error when it comes to social distancing.

  • Implement Strategic Design Accents That Help with Social Distancing

As you plan your in-person brunch, you can arrange seating and table placements with cute name cards and plates while spacing out the seating at least six feet from each other. You may need a large table to make sure everyone is socially distanced, but making sure everyone knows where they sit beforehand should help people keep their space from one another. In doing this, you also get to elevate the brunch table with cute decor and accents.

  • Pay Homage to Mom with Handwritten Notes

Since this day is all about Mom, you want to make sure she feels like she’s the center of attention. Whether you’re having a casual brunch at home or you’ve arranged a virtual Mother’s Day get-together, have attendees bring a note that they would like to read to mom.

  • Style Your Mom

If you are looking to go above and beyond for your mom this Mother’s Day, offer to style her for her brunch! And even if you are far away from your mom, you can still send her cute baby doll tops that you can style her in virtually. It’s a thoughtful touch that may allow you to connect with your mom before brunch—even from afar.

  • Invite Special Guests to a Virtual Brunch

If you are hosting a virtual Mother’s Day Brunch, surprise your mom with an unexpected guest. Whether it be her best friend or a family member who you may not get to see often, this surprise will be the talk of all Mother’s Day brunches going forward! And since you are hosting a safe and virtual brunch, you can invite anyone without having to worry about quarantining or social distancing.

7.	Invite Special Guests to a Virtual Brunch

We hope you have all you need to create a fun and socially-distanced Mother’s Day brunch. No

matter what you plan, the most important part is to celebrate your mom. And we know you have

that in the bag!


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