Any cigar enthusiast will tell you that you will need to invest in a good cigar lighter for the best experience and, most preferably, get one of the best lighters available in the market.

This has been a neglected issue by many, and that is why we have this guide on the key features to look for to get the best cigar lighters.

Jet Flame

Considering the flame type is one of the best ways to identify a good cigar lighter. There is a considerable difference between lighting a cigar and lighting a cigarette, which is why the butane cigar lighter is most preferred over a regular lighter. The butane lighter comes with a jet flame which is essential in toasting the end of a cigar. They also come with a variety of single and multi flame lighters.

  • Single flame lighters -Single flame butane lighters take longer to toast and light the cigar. They, however, are great at saving butane in the long run.
  • Multi flame lighters –They range from double flames to quad flames. The double and triple flames are more functional as they are good at toasting and lighting the cigars. On the other hand, the quad flames tend to have more power than necessary, and the wastage of butane is high.

Flame Adjustment Mechanisms

This is a must for the best experience when lighting a cigar. Adjustment of the flame height allows you to have a more guided aim to the cigar’s tip and guarantee a higher safety level. The adjustment wheel on a lighter is typically found at the bottom of the lighter.

What To Look For In The Best Cigar Lighters

User Friendly, Size And Weight

This is a critical topic. You want to have the size and weight that you will be comfortable with whether you choose a portable lighter or a tabletop lighter.

  • Portable lighter – this variety nowadays comes mostly in rectangular or cylindrical shapes. They are designed to be pocket-friendly, but some of them weigh down pockets. You would want to go for the lighter with the least weight and a friendly shape to your pockets.
  • Tabletop lighters – These are your typical heavier than a pound lighter that you will find in well-established cigar lounges. They have the capability to light more cigars than portables as well as easier to personalize. However, these are only ideal if set on a table. And are almost immobile.

Best Cigar Lighters Ignition

Wind, as an example, is a great factor in successful cigar lighting. This then pre determines that a strong ignition mechanism is vital to resist the moving air. On this topic, a piezo mechanism is more functional than the more physical flint mechanism. Piezo works on charging a quartz crystal with electricity and hence has a more sustainable flame than flint.

Price And Branding

As with most men products, great brands have been tried over time, and their prices tested as well. These brands are what you want to venture into to ensure quality. Again price can be debated, but personal affordability is critical here. However, prices range from as low as $20 to $100, depending on size and quality.

Qualities Of Clients Product

It is agreeable that quality in products is essential. When it comes to cigar lighters, quality is elaborated as efficiency, luxury, and durability. This is achieved chiefly via branding, especially with the high-end lighters. An excellent example of this is the Xikar Quad lighter series which has broken all boundaries to give quality to clients.


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