5 Bikepacking Routes

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5 Bikepacking Routes For Beginner’s: San Francisco Edition

Bikepacking is an ideal way to take in the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area. It can be the finest way to enjoy the natural beautify of San Francisco. If you are new to this combination of mountain biking and backpacking, start with short rides that won’t take you too far away from civilization.

You should also take the time to compare the cargo capacity and features of hybrid bikes for sale and mountain bikes. Here are five of the best Bay Area bikepacking routes suitable for beginners and mens hybrid bikes.

1. Bicentennial Camp

This Golden Gate National Recreation Area campground consists of three sites above the west side of the bridge. Bicentennial Camp is located about six miles from the San Francisco side of the bridge. Pick up a permit for this camp site at the Visitor Center, which also offers access to drinking water. Each camp site is equipped with a picnic table and food locker. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area presents views of the bay, bridge and ocean. You can enjoy the iconic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and a unique bikepacking experience choosing the Bicentennial Camp.

Bikepacking Routes San Francisco

2. China Camp

China Camp State Park on the shore of San Pablo Bay is the historical site of a fishing village about 20 miles from San Francisco. This is such a beautiful location to be and enjoy some special moments that will never forget. These flat routes are perfect for getting used to riding the best women’s bike for bikepacking. A hiker-biker camp site is situated in a grove of trees at the northwest edge of the park. Ride on to the extensive and well-maintained system of bike trails in Marin County. You can expect to enjoy every second of your bike riding beholding the natural beauty of this area.

3. Angel Island

Take a ferry on a scenic trip across the bay to Angel Island. Paved trails run around the island and offer access to two campsites. Ridge sites offer breezy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, while Sunrise sites have a more sheltered East Bay vista. Weekends are popular times for visiting the island. Try an overnight bikepacking excursion on a weekday to feel like you have the island to yourself after the last tourist ferry of the day returns to the mainland. This is a perfect camping location if you do not like to see much crowd in the campsites. But it has to be one of the most popular camping locations in San Francisco. You can expect to enjoy every bit and it can be a fine adventure you will never forget.

4. Samuel P. Taylor State Park

This park located 30 miles northwest of San Francisco in Marin County routes beginner and intermediate bikepackers through redwood forest. Navigate to and from this destination on the suburban back roads laid out on the Marin Bike Map. A multi-speed bike makes it easier to climb the hill on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Other than this significant rise, park routes tend to be flat and have generous shoulders.

5. Bay Area Ridge Trail

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a multi-use trail system that will eventually traverse 550 miles of ridgelines around the San Francisco Bay, connecting more than 75 parks and open spaces. Approximately 383 miles of trail have been completed as of 2020. You can find trails to accommodate riders of any experience level.

With practice, you can build up to riding the 112-mile San Francisco Peninsula Traverse bikepacking trail from the Golden Gate Recreation Area through Purisma, El Corte Madera, Sanborn County Park to mountainous southern San Jose. Gradually building your stamina and skill set will prepare you to take longer and more challenging routes.


These are some of the best bikepacking routes for beginners in San Francisco. If you are a seasoned biker and camper, you can go for even more adventurous camping trips around San Francisco as there are various way more mountainous routes with better views and adventures. San Francisco has to be one of the most popular camping destinations in the country.