12 Best Total War Games Ranked From Best to Worst For Beginners

Gaming is the favorite pastime for many. Not only kids but adults too enjoyed spending their quality time in gaming. One of the most popular game series that is played in Total War game series from video game companies from Japan and Britain.

Total War Games For Beginners

In twenty years of gaming history, there had been several participants in exploring the historical era of gaming. The base of every game lies in its antecedent. In that way, the games that appeared new fared better undoubtedly.

The series of Total games began with Shogun. But it is not the only one that stands on the list of best war games. If you seem interested in playing this game with much interest, then it does make you a War games fan.

Today, I bring you a list of modern war games that will behold your interest in playing them non-stop.


This 2010 game in the Total War series emphasizes more upon a general’s definite exploits instead of too much of arching historical era. The Napoleon Total war gameplay bags the list in becoming the perfect historical game including the warfare attire.

The war game also grabs the interest for its huge violent warfare presentations. The base of the game gets improved with the experience of much downloadable content. But to enjoy the War game series, these are not much mandatory.


Warhammer came as a big surprise for gaming fans ever since it entered. The Many downloaded contents of this game were released in 2016 that made it a simple game to play with. Even the British video game company Creative Assembly supported it for its new series. And so part 2 of the Warhammer game came in the next following year (2017) and proved much better to part 1.

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms is another war game produced by the British video game company. It showcased the epic warfare in uniting the dragon country, China. In this game, players are supposed to select legendary warlords about twelve and have to claim victory. This Total War game came just two years ago from now.

Shogun 2

A very notable Total war game that cannot be missed from the Total War game list is Shogun 2. As has been mentioned above, the game seems to be the follow-up of the first game of the same.

If we come to the comparison between the two versions of this specific video game, then we will find that the content in the part 2 game had new features in terms of expanding the power of Samurai.

While playing this game, you will notice that it appears to be wonderful from the context of graphics. The game showed victory over Japan during the initial gaming. The implementation of the characters in this game is fabulous.


If you are new to this war game, then better explore this gameplay, and you will enjoy playing it. In this game, we see cities getting into flames, destroying regions, and tribes that keep on showing their domination across a place called Anatolia.

The game shows the fine portrayal of survival after the end of the Roman world. The warfare aspect of this game is the one that drags the interest of many game players. It will be a setback for the player if he loses the war because it will only result in getting erased.

Warhammer II

It has been one of the most popular War games in the fantasy world. But there were some lacunas in the setting of the game which got resolved in the release of part 2 of the latter gameplay. The issue was regarding some steps and designs that have been wrongly presented in the game.

The makers of the game took note of all these flaws and showed improvement in the second part of the Warhammer game that came in 2017. This time the setting and design were up to the mark and that resulted in grabbing interest among the gamers. Let me tell you there are many downloaded contents of this game.

Medieval II

Medieval II is also counted among the best gameplay. In this game, you need to enhance your territorial zones by taking the leadership of your armed forces. With this, you become suitable to take commanding decisions and can rule out the battlefield comprising huge armed forces.

This 3D video game revolves around the disturbed eras. The hunger for power will pave you through multiple continents and allow you to extend the outstretch whenever your army keeps growing in large numbers.

While exploring this gameplay, you can view more gigantic war portrayals that you might have not observed in the series of other games of war. You will be very swift in your moves while battling with your opponents in bloody solo combat. One can play this game as a solo-player leading to reach multiple continents.

Thrones Of Britannia

This is an autonomous game that emphasizes a new arena. It belongs to a century-old decade. Here players play the character of Alfred and perform his moves for the battle against the opponent’s rule. You will notice some resemblance from one of the Total war games. And when you have experienced this latter war game, then you will surely enjoy playing Thrones of Britannica.


In this game, you play a commander who has to claim your dominance over the kingdom of Rome. You will be passing through an old decade revealing old Rome in the royal saga.

This game asks you to take hold of 3 Roman broods, and then you will be prompted to stage a war against your opponent’s army.  In this game, your warfare movements will be judged which will indicate whether you will win or lose the battlefield.

Other Games

Empire Definitive Edition, Emperor Edition, and Medieval II definite editions are the other three major games in the list of top Total Games. So now you have got an ample option of war games that would grip your interest in becoming the character and defeating the opponent’s army. If you are a beginner, then first read the rules of the game and then start exploring the gameplay.

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