10 Best Urban Outfitters Alternative

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10 Best Urban Outfitters Alternative, Similar Sites Like Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular clothing brand with no limited or fixed collections. Just make any of the choices, and Urban Outfitters is there to fulfill your wish with fashionable clothing brands and casual outfits with great designs. 

Similar Sites Like Urban Outfitters

But it is not possible to find this brand located near your reach. So I am going to list down some of the clothing stores which are equivalent to Urban Outfitters. So let us begin with。

Similar Sites Like Urban Outfitters:


No matter if you are a man or a woman, the craze of browsing the apparel that suits your personality is common between the two. And if you have been browsing for a perfect clothing brand, then Zara is that top brand to consider for sure. Clothes here would make your heads turn on because of their standout designs. 

If you have any specific preference for any color, then Zara does have a collection in its store. The colors range from shades of blue and grey. Those who are looking for t-shirts with appealing graphic work can look at Zara. You will be puzzled in choosing the best among the rest, with ample options available here. So shopping at Zara is no doubt a good choice to make. 


Another clothing brand that would fill up the absence of Urban Outfitters is Revolve. Now, it’s March, and summers are going to set in, so naturally, there will be a huge demand for bold apparel among people. And Revolve is indeed going to fulfill your wish by having it all that you expect. Here you can shop from leather leggings to shorts. 

If you want to make everyone turn their heads on you, then you have the option to choose bold clothing that is available here. If you know how to carry your style, then believe me Revolve is the best option to make, as it better understands the choice of its customers, and ensures the clothing suits them perfectly.


When it comes to outfits like jeans and jackets, then there is one common interest between both the sexes, and that is love for Denim. Thankfully, Madewell is one such clothing brand where you can fulfill your wish in having a denim jacket or even a pair of jeans. 

It is specially meant for all those in love with denim. So now it gives you no reason to lose heart, when Madewell comes as the best shopping site for you, especially for the latter brand. But it is not only Denim that people search for. 

Customers can choose more different types of apparel including maxi dresses, beachwear, and others from Madewell. In short, there are a plethora of options for women to shop here as per their preferences. But sadly, there are limited clothing options for men. So you can choose to buy a pair of denim jeans from Madewell, as this apparel brand has specialization in it. 


Tobi is another fashion clothing store that serves in more than a hundred countries worldwide. It is a better choice for women of young age. The creation and designing of its products are done in Los Angeles headquarters. 

When it comes to fashion, then LA is much faster in its approach. The main motive behind this LA-based clothing store is to introduce their customers to the latest fashion trends. 

Tobi also aims to make sure their female clients experience comfort in whatever clothes they choose to wear and carry them with confidence. Girls here can shop for any apparel type be it bodysuits, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, tops, formal dresses that would make them appear sexy, etc. If you wish for a perfect clothing style, then Tobi is the right choice to go with.


If you want to take a break from your sedentary lifestyle and are willing to enjoy your quality time on California beaches, then Wildfox comes as the perfect shopping place for you. It is special in retro-style clothing, where you can shop for beachwear, swimwear, goggles, undergarments, tops, and others. 

You can carry a stylish outfit on beaches by purchasing any of these clothing types from 

Wildfox. While shopping for this clothing brand you won’t find any traditional old stuff, or which are out of fashion. Rather, it keeps all that is in urban trend. 


Another California-based online fashion store name is Lulus. It is known for having a great collection of different varieties of clothing all around the world. The designers here come with the astonishing imaginative style of designs of modern and suave. If you buy anything luxurious from Lulus, then you will surely notice the stupendous creativity in their product. 

This clothing brand aims to make their customers have a memorable experience in shopping. The work culture here is cool and casual. The staff here is motivated to experiment with new creativities. 

Summers are soon going to set in, and this comes with great demand for swimsuits, tops, and more other summer collections. If you are searching for the perfect outfit that matches your personality, then flocking onto Lulus will be the best choice to look up to. 

Nasty Gal

If being asked about the key to success, then everyone will have different views, but it is the confidence that boosts you to reach higher in your life. But do you know this most important key element is also applicable in terms of clothing? Yes, wearing anything does not make you beautiful. 

You need to have personality combined with confidence, which surely makes your head high. And this is when Nasty Gal becomes the prime choice in this regard. Here you can find trendy top crops. If you have the key element (confidence) bestowed in you, then Nasty Gal lets you flaunt it with style. 

Other Clothing Stores

Apart from these online stores, you can also flock to some other top-notch names in apparel brands including ModCloth, which specializes in wedding outfits and other standard tops.

If you want to be the center of attraction, then Superdry offers you the best clothing options with bold colors and patterns that are captivating to the eyes. If you love wearing t-shirts with colorful prints and graphics, then H&M comes as the best fashion clothing brand for you.