10 Best Iphone Games Without Internet, Offline ISO Games to Play

Games are indeed the best source of entertainment other than reading comics, watching television shows, movies, and sports. It is not that only kids enjoy playing video games, even adults used to spend their free time engaging them with some dose of fun in playing them. 

However, the craze of gaming becomes sour when you are unable to play them offline. Your joy of gaming also sweeps away at the time when you are playing at a certain level, and suddenly, the electricity goes away, keeping you waiting to continue the game after it comes back. But what if you come to know about the games that are supported with your mobile phone supported with iOS iPhone? 

You will jump with excitement. So yes, there are games that can be played without depending upon the connectivity of the internet or electricity off. Join me in this article as I am going to list down the games below. 

10 Best Iphone Offline Games In 2021

Offine ISO Games to Play

The Kingdom Rush

It is one of the best defense games set on a fictional background. In this game, you will see so many lanes having slots that are supposed to be filled with towers by the players. Also, you have to unlock the stars at every level that leads to point up-gradation for every tower deployment. 

This game ranks among the popular tower defense gameplays on mobile. There is a series of games including the above mentioned, then there is a Kingdom Rush Vengeance, origins and frontier. All these game series carry the story forward from the previous one.

The Battle Of Polytopia

The next offline game to mention is The Battle of Polytopia. Those who have experienced and enjoyed playing the game Clash of Clans online will surely enjoy this gameplay also. The game showcases tribes in minor cubes form who are battling to claim their dominance for power. While playing this game, it will remind you of the above-mentioned game. 

You can play it again and again with no limit. If your mobile phone is supportive of iOS, then this battle game is perfect to be downloaded to enjoy free gaming. You can enjoy playing The Battle of Polytopia either individually or with your friends. You will experience fun in either way. 

New York Times Crossword

Apart from reading the daily morning news from newspapers, there is one other thing that attracts the attention of most, it is crossword puzzles. But now everything is taking place so fast. Now you can get regular news updates digitally. This has surely receded the dependency of newspapers in today’s context. 

So are the crossword puzzles that we used to play. With the advancement in technology, now you can play this game digitally via the New York Times Crossword mobile application. All you have to do is to download it on your phone device and can enjoy playing it from any part of the world you are living in. But let me tell you one thing, you need to become a subscriber of the New York Times to get complete access to the crossword game.

Knights Of Pen & Paper 2

The choice of games varies from person to person. There are ones who love playing pixel and retro gameplay. But sadly, they are not available in abundance. However, there is a game app called Knights of Pen & Paper 2. While playing this game, it will make you memorize the tabletop RPG, where character customization, pitting with opponents, and thirdly, enjoying the marvelous presentation of pixel graphic creation. 

Bejeweled Classic

Joining the brigade of offline games is Bejeweled. It has been in existence for long decades. No matter being an old game, it is still loved by many. The game has stuck to its ongoing popularity. It is available as an app on phones supported with iPhone for installing and playing. 

As per the rules of this game, you need to do the matching of jewels in the same colors and score higher. So now your children can have enough time enjoying Bejeweled even if there is no internet connectivity. 

Civilization VI

Next is Civilization VI. This game is a portable game suited to iPhone technology. One can play this game on an iPhone, but if you play it on the wider iPad screen, then the joy of playing this game will be doubled. Here players have to play one of the old centuries empires to move forward via different decades. It is possible to gain victories on different aspects including religion, armed forces, and economics. 

R.B.I Baseball 18

If you love sports, then you will be loving the sports mobile game that can be played even if the internet is off. Those who like playing baseball on the field can also enjoy playing it as a game app. One such example is R.B.I Baseball 18. 

With the name, it is clear enough that this gameplay is based on Baseball sports. Here you become the leader of your team and play the sport, and enjoy the fantastic experience of Baseball. Don’t give any room to boredom, when you can pass your time playing the Baseball digital game app on your phone. 


For those who don’t feel like playing complex games, Drop7 comes as the best option. It is not at all complicated and is very simple to play. This can be your best time pass game if you have nothing to do in your free time. The game follows with disc dropping and matching with the colors of rows and columns. 

The main objective is to gain multiple strings of combos and at the same time gain maximum points. With modes being very speedy and composed, Drop7 is indeed the ideal solution to pass the time. 

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

If you want to let your kids, then there is another alternative to cartoon shows, and it is a game that can be played offline. This game is Cut The Rope: Time Travel. It emphasizes the character OM NOM. You need to feed him candy by cutting the ropes. It is a complete puzzle game for children who would enjoy playing it in feeding candies to the character in several different locations. 


Apart from these offline games, you can also enjoy playing Reigns, a kingdom-based game. The concept matches with the great show Game Of Thrones.