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Best 10 WiFi Analyzer Software for Windows 7,10 (Free & Paid)

Wifi has become the utmost need for everyone in their lives, be it for home or even from a business point of view. But somehow people get irritated due to disturbance in the connectivity in wireless signals. There is something that occurs and causes breakaway in the WiFi connectivity.

One such main reason to notice is the router or in other words, the point where it accesses. Another major reason for the interruption is selecting a pathetic channel that is prone to disturbance from other devices that are also wireless.

When you choose a program, the software will help in sorting out multiple elements like helping you in finding the right location for the access point and provide you with important data of your network and other alternate networks in your surroundings. Taking an example if you run a WiFi router to some specific channels, then other surrounding networks may also be functioning at similar channels.

This becomes the main reason behind the constant disturbance. This paves in poor quality and power of the signal. Hence, it becomes the need to list down some of the best WiFi analyzers that are supportive of different Windows versions.

Best 10 WiFi Analyzer Software for Windows:

WiFi Analyzer Software for Windows 7,10


Starting with NetSpot, it provides signaling power and covering areas. But it is more to it. NetSpot is a very useful application for wireless surveys that finds its best use in the business space. 

Since it is supportive to different versions of Windows (7 &10), so this becomes possible that it can find its best use for Mac, which is indeed helpful depending on whether your laptop appears to be a Macbook rather than a regular computer with Windows software.

Another best feature about the NetSpot is the speed of WiFi that one can get in the area of your place on the network. And it is all because of its feature of Active Scanning. You have either option to choose either version, free or paid. If you choose the free version, still it will prove much useful for you as the user.


InSSIDer is much useful for any form of business network, be it small or medium. Many professionals prefer this WiFi analyzer as they consider it for their technical jobs.

With its help of this program, you will be able to know the WiFi connectivity in your surrounding environment. Moreover, it will let you know about the information about the connected network, the selection of appropriate channels that suit your requirements, and detecting the traffic data of the user.

The upgrading of this program is done daily. So now, you won’t find any reason to complain about being outdated. This feature makes the program getting appreciation from its users.


This is much an older program in comparison to other Wifi scanners. Now being a full-fledged program does not mean it won’t find the need for regular up-gradation. It does. Vistumbler is supportive of the Windows version, especially the tenth one. So no need to overthink it.

The writing of this WiFi program was done for windows in AutoIT. The framework of this WiFi Analyzer was made to locate the points of accessibility based on wireless service around you, only to make you feel at ease. Vistumbler is no doubt a very useful program appreciated by many. Also, there is no cost involved in it, which means it’s free.

WiFi Commander

It is made primarily for the Windows 10 version. If you seem to be using it for your regular operational device, then let me tell you this WiFi analyzer software application is perfect for meeting your needs.

WiFi Commander offers a three-dimensional analysis of channel distributions. Apart from it, this WiFi analyzer is also useful in letting the scanning of the networks, detection of real-time plus more other benefits.

You won’t be viewing any advertisements in it, that makes people appreciate it. Rather, your prime focus would be highlighted on your WiFi. Another very applauding feature of the WiFi Commander app is it is up-graded and paves a better experience for the users. This WiFi analyzer will cost you around $4.99.

Nirsoft WifiInfoView

It functions on Windows software versions. This WiFi program is very much useful in letting you know about your area-based wireless networks. One can expect to get ample data of wireless networks in his/her local area. What makes it best is its lightweight, and giving the data of your area WiFi router.

WiFi Analyzer

Even though this WiFi application is free, still, you can make in-app buying, so better know it. Coming on to its operation, the WiFi analyzer comes with a cost-free version, which means you don’t have to bother about spending money to know about your network. If in case you are preferring a laptop device supported with Windows, then let me tell you this WiFi program is certainly the best to prefer.

So better get this app downloaded and in turn, make your laptop become the distributed analysis mechanism. Another best feature to mention about the WiFi analyzer is it showcases all the devices of WiFi that indicate signals around your area, and also the power, number of channels of every device.

Solarwinds WiFi Analyzer

Another is Solarwinds WiFi Analyzer. Well, this one takes a load of applause because of its standout feature in swift detection and solving the issues of WiFi, and releasing you with stress for it.

Other Alternatives

you can also prefer some other options including Ekahau HeatMapper Free, which is not adjacent to other WiFi analyzer counterparts. It is very useful in displaying your area’s heatmap. Also, this Wifi program will help you in knowing about the sites having powered signals, no matter walls coming in between.


PRTG WiFi Analyzer and Acrylic WiFi Home Scanner come as other add-on alternatives for preference.

So these are some of the best 10 WiFi Analyzer software for windows. You have the option to choose free or paid versions. If you go for the payment option, still, you would be gaining the benefits provided by these WiFi programs. And the other option is absolutely a bonus. You won’t have to pay anything and can get your persisting WiFi problem solved with these given options that are free.