house painting business adapts during COVID-19

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Local college student running own house painting business adapts during COVID-19

There have been many businesses that have suffered due to COVID. Especially for students who are directly out of college and struggling to find a job, the struggle is real. One young girl Madelyn Swanson was going and got her degree in communications.

She worked hard to become a salesperson when COVID locked down the country. Madelyn faced the odds and used social media to help her be able to sell paint jobs to the public.

Most people think that as soon as they graduate and receive their Bachelor’s degree they will get a job immediately. While this may be true for some, others have a difficult time navigating through how to find a job, having a social life, and making enough money to support their daily needs.

This was the struggle that Madelyn Swanson and so many others faced during COVID. So in the time of COVID, many have suffered but especially that group of people in the age range of just graduating from College. Door-to-door marketing salespeople have been finding much success selling on social media outlets.

Facetime, Skype, and Zoom have been a few of the outlets used for salespeople to have face-to-face opportunities. In addition, many small businesses and self-employed people such as house painters have lost business or lost hours. Although Madelyn says as long as you know how to market your painting business then you should be fine.

house painting business

The government has grants available to cover the cost of unemployment and the cost of salaries. The grantee of a business grant may charge an employee’s paid time off to the Federal grant if it is the state’s policy to pay ALL employees.

The grant money is not to pay salaries on a payroll but rather to give you subsequent money to help during this difficult time. Grant loans should not be used to pay back the money but instead to purchase the sanitizing equipment needed to get their business running efficiently and safely The state has many websites to help businesses of all kinds be able to get back to work safely.

There are lists of 14 guidelines that different individual businesses must follow. Close contact services are services such as hairdressers, barbers, tattooists, massage therapists, and tailors. These businesses need to minimize how many people enter their facility at 50% capacity and make sure that anyone using their services wears a mask at all times.

There is also separate guidance for people who work outside, volunteer workers who work at heritage locations and hotels, and other guest accommodations.

You are able to spend time outdoors for recreation on your own or with the people that live in your household. Students in all education settings are able to go back to school for face-to-face learning. Additionally, childcare is open to support children’s activities for parents who are working. College students have already returned to campus.

There will be continued restrictions on international travel and visiting nursing homes will begin to allow regular visits with one visitor at a time.