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11 Essential Accessories For Your Hunting Truck

When it’s hunting season, you need to be prepared with some extra pieces of gear for your hunting truck. It’s easy to overlook the hunting rig. But when the season begins, your car requires to be in the best condition along with some essential gears that will help you during the hunt.

Having a tough pickup truck is important for a diehard hunter. This vehicle not only gets hunters to the best spots, but also hauls all armoury and gear. You can find various options for truck accessories in the market to help you transport and maintain the equipment. With some badass 4WD truck accessories, your gear will remain protected and easily accessible.

Want to make your way through the best hunting truck accessories? Here’s a list of the 11 essential accessories you need for your hunting truck:

1.   Tire table

You need a good quality tire table for supporting your vehicle tire. It further offers a stable platform no matter how the ground conditions are. The tire table also comes with a cantilevered tip and rear slider that can be flipped over to offer a better grip on larger tires. Also, choose a product with easy and quick installation.

2.   LED driving lights

You need to be aware of where you’re driving, right? So, outfit your truck with LED lights and avoid rooting around in all dark. If you are in a good mood, you can turn off these lights and lay on your back for watching stars at night. You can even switch these on for nighttime tailgating.

11 Essential Accessories For Your Hunting Truck

3.   Spare off-road tires

When you are driving to places you have not seen before, you need to be prepared with tires that are ready to handle every type of terrain. You have to upgrade the quality of off-road tires for convenience and safety.

4.    Grille guard

Grille guards are more than just something that looks tough. These help in protecting your lights against branches and also the front end. Plus, they also keep other off-the-grid hazards at bay.

5.    Cargo carrier

Do you require more space for hunting gear? If so, you need a cargo carrier for the back or roof of your truck. It will give you extra packing space with no infringing on the truck cab or bed.

6.   A good jack

What if you get a flat tire? You obviously need to change a tire. But doing it alone can be a real pain. So, you need to invest in a heavy-duty jack that can help you get the job done quickly.

7.   Battery charger

You also need a good battery charger whenever you feel the need to jump-start. This way, you cannot be stuck in bad road conditions.

8.   Winch & strap

Anything may happen when you are out hunting. There can be mudslides, floods, downed trees, and what not. Such situations are where a winch strap comes in handy. You can use a good winch strap to move trees, unstick vehicles, or pull someone out of the ditch. After all, it’s always good to be prepared.

9.    Floor mats

In the wild, your truck is likely to get quite muddy. For stopping mudslinging and keeping all the mess minimum, you have to get a set of mud flaps and some cool fender flares.

10. Truck tent

What if you plan to sleep in your truck? You need a tent that keeps you well-protected from the harsh winds and other environmental conditions in the wild. You can also consider buying a tent that can be pitched on your truck bed. It is a cheaper alternative to an overbed topper/camper.

11. Toolbox /rifle storage

These often sit over wheel wells in the truck bed. You can open the tailgate, and it is right there. Some come with separate compartments — one for shotgun or rifle and the other for ammo.


When you are on an adventurous hunting trip, be prepared for anything that may come your way. Your truck can be well-equipped or a transportation hunting camp. With all the mentioned essential gears, you can enjoy everything you require or want in the dunes, woods, or any other place you want.

Last modified: July 27, 2021