Online shopping has taken the world off its feet. Especially when it comes to electronic goods, there’s a next level fan base that online shopping sites have built for themselves.

They offer you a variety of products from varied brands and the most important thing, products that fit your budget. And there isn’t just one site, there are so many.

No matter what you’re looking for, a computer, the latest smartphone, laptop, gaming console or any random gadget in the world, these sites are right there to offer you options and let you choose the best out of them.

Electronics Online Shopping Sites

There are websites that not just sell products but also at the cheapest rest. Some of them sell refurbished products but of excellent quality and in great working condition.

There are some that keep a keen eye on products across the internet, available on various websites and inform you about the best deals, offers and the couppins available on different sites, thus making shopping easy and fun for you.

In this article, we shall be listing the top 10 online shopping sites that are budget friendly and also offer good quality products.

10 Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites: 

Customers wanting to buy computers, laptops, at cheapest prices can visit this site and go through the varied options they have. This website is known for selling former office computers in great condition and just at better rates than others.

Refurbished laptops and computers are what the brand is best known for. 

Their USP is their old school customer approach, where a customer buys the computer that is required and fits their budget best. The customer reviews for the site have been really good and customers are really impressed with the services offered and the customer service section that addresses their problems and queries with great efficiency.

AliExpress is a portal that is run by Alibaba, which is a china based online retail group and one of the biggest retailers in the world. It allows it’s customers across the globe to buy products from small retailers in countries like China, Singapore and several other countries. 

You could place your orders in bulk here. And most importantly, apart from just jewelry, you could even order stuff used in jewelry making, or for designing shoes and bags. They’ve got everything and at the best rates.

China has a large number of retailers. Well, if you’re looking for the best one, BangGood is the perfect answer to all your questions. The brand has a supply chain that is set across China and provides  its services across the world.

Apart from electronic products it has something most of us would be drooling over. The K-pop merchandise is available on this site!

This site sells products that have been already owned by a user, but have been in use least and are in great condition. They test the product’s quality, working and clean it well before it is sold. The best part about the products is their price range.

There’s a humongous difference between the prices of the refurbished product and the first hand fresh pieces available. 

This amazing brand was set up in 1979 and since then has served millions of people across the globe and how. On this site, you can easily find computers of all kinds and also, their products. What adds to the beauty and efficient working of this brand is its amazing customer service department. From gamers to IT professionals, this one’s the favorite of everyone.

The most bizzare thing about sales is that they are gone before you could relish their benefits. And then there are so many, that even if you’re informed, comparing prices becomes a real task. Therefore, TechBargains comes into picture and eases your work.

It keeps a keen eye on products across various sites and compares their prices, hence allowing you to buy the best product and at the best price.


The world is continuously disposing of everything that is out of use. Same goes with the computers too. As soon as the latest model arrives, the old one is locked out. To solve the issue, Newegg has come forward.

It refurbishes all the old computer parts and sells them as second hand products that work super efficiently. If one wishes to rebuild a computer in a pocket friendly budget, this site could be of great help.

Slick deal is again a site that brings to you the best deals in products across various sites. It gathers coupons and different offers and then chooses the best ones for you.

You therefore aren’t required to surf too many sites. Instead, you could just visit this one and get done. It is that easy.

This amazing concept was curated in 1985 and so was the firm. It was set up in the silicon valley and ever since has just multiplied and grown exponentially in terms of its square feet area and customer base.

They offer you something that no other store would. They offer you Internet access packages. Also, another unique feature about the store is that they have different themes for different stores across the world.

Most of us buy phones, the latest ones available in the market and then dispose them off as soon as there’s a new one. This creates a huge pile of great and rarely used products that simply is a wastage of money and technology.

Therefore, Swappa allows you to buy pre-owned products like phones and laptops, that can be bought in very good condition and at much cheaper prices than their fresh pieces.


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