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8 Best Apps to Change Your Voice in Discord (Free & Paid) when Gaming

Discord is a very popular voice technology that enables texting, sharing pictures, and interaction with your loved ones like friends. The main objective behind its creation was to facilitate gamers with an application where they chat simultaneously while gaming. As a result, it became very famous. Those exploring Discord can also download apps where there is the provision of changing the voice tone. 

Change Your Voice in Discord

Users can play with different sound tones that can be of a child, adult, or any opposite gender as per their wish. Not only are they allowed privacy, but also some quality fun in pranking with friends, at the time of gameplay. The best part is the availability of more applications for voice change. Let me mention some of the best in the list given below:

MorphVOX Jr.

It ranks among the best list of voice-changing apps. The use of algorithms in MorphVOX is of better quality. The other best feature of it is it consumes minimal CPU usage. This indeed sounds interesting and can function behind the background with no need to keep the resources of your system. 

Another appealing characteristic of MorphVOX software is it catches the real voice to generate a desirable quality of sound. The software has two versions, one costs around $39.99, whereas the other one is free. The priced one will render more good results in terms of quality tone of audio and effects of video, and so on. So it will be a one-time spending but you will be convinced of its features. 


Another best voice changer in the list for Discord is Voicemod. This software is truly recommendable because it comprises an array of the best filters. If you are interested in having a robotic tone of voice, then Voicemod is a perfect choice for downloading. 

Moreover, you won’t find any difficulty in using it. Also, it won’t cost you because it is free. Adding on to Discord, the Voicemod application is also supportive of major video live streaming services including Skype and OBS. 

Being a free voice changing software with good features lets Voicemod gain a huge admiration among people. Also, it is supportive of Windows with its modern versions. Its inbuilt characteristics make it supportive to famous games including League of Legends etc. 

Whenever you download the application, it will make an addition of a new virtual audio device that can be selected in Discord voice settings. And then there will be the change in the actual voice in the actual timing, as per the Voicemod settings. 

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you seem to have a great fantasy for robots, then the RoboVox app is definitely for you. This application will ask for a minimum price to be used for Android, the rest is a funny app to have great fun. RoboVox functions with your voice recording and makes you apply around thirty-two presets. 

You can have your unfulfilled wish come true by sounding like a menacing character from the movies like Star Wars. Remember the voice of a sinister computer character from 2001: A Space Odyssey? If yes, then you too can sound like it with RoboVox. 

If getting bored with your old ringtone, then you can change it with your own voice modulation. Just think how it would sound listening to a menacing robotic ringtone at the time of ringing the phone. You can even select another robotic voice tone for any who is added to your address.


The next voice changing the application to mention is Clownfish. It supports Windows’ modern updated version. It is distinctive in terms of being a system with wide sound changes.

The functioning of Clownfish is not confined to working for only Discord. It is compatible with other applications of chats like the popular one Skype. Moreover, it is free also. Voice filters that can be applied include a voice pitch from both genders, Alien, Robot, etc. 

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Well, voice-changing software applications might not sound so appealing to you due to excess price. Still, when it comes to a robust mechanism for sound moderation, then this application is indeed powerful and is simple in its utility. It is so because this voice-changing application functions more beyond just the voice yours. 

In this, you can make further upgrading including changes, cropping, editing, and sound re-pitch. It also includes your voice offline. It is also compatible with other applications related to voice chatting on PCs. If you are not content with any other voice changing apps and want to explore AV Voice Changer, then better afford it with its expensive price which is around $99.95.


Listing another Window supportive app is SuperVoiceChanger. This voice-changing application can be a good choice if you are searching for a solution that comes with no cost and is free, and for voice alteration over famous video chat applications like WhatsApp, Line app, Skype, and more. It lies in the background expecting an activation done by you for activation and then in your window system it brings changes in the incoming audio. 

This indicates its use on IP apps of voice-over and other chat processes. Whenever an application is opened by you, it displays a listing of templates of sound having different voice variations. This includes sweet girls, little girls, and other male-toned voices, etc. This free application is a must purchase. Try at once, and see the results.

Voxal Voice Changer

Moving on to the above voice changing applications, there is another voice changer app to consider is Voxal. Believe it, when you will use it, then you won’t be facing any problems in terms of its use. Users can even customize it also. Voxal comes up with a paid option (licensed) that is reasonable in price. 

The other option is free but is only meant for home use. Here you can explore different presets of good voice tones of robots, and both the sexes, etc. Voxal can also be used for audio file recording. And in case you feel the need for a tool to edit sound, then Voxal is the answer for you. 

Voice Changer With Effects

This comes as another best option in the list of voice-changing applications. It may appear minor and meek but you can explore much fun with it. If you desire the inhaled sound of a balloon, or of an alien, then your smartphone needs the installment of this app.