Digital marketplaces are the new trend, one that has been becoming popular at an exponential rate. A reason behind their popularity can be the convenience and comfort that they offer and the time and energy they save as compared to manual transactions.

It’s like we just got our departmental stores redefined for ourselves. It does not require the marketplace to claim anything or review a product before they sell it. They have products viewed on their site, from where they can be bought.

Similar Sites and App Like Mercari

The best part about online marketplaces is that they offer you a lot of options to accomplish payments and also quite efficiently deal with the geographical differences between customers and retailers.

One such successful and popular online marketplace is Mercari. It isn’t just popular for selling products, but the ease that it offers in the process. It wouldn’t be an overestimation if we say that you can find anything you’re seeking on these online marketplaces. Apart from offering you the right product, these also provide you with options and many suggestions for things you may want to buy.

Mercari is a platform that brings together both kinds of business enthusiasts, the raw hustlers, and the professional entrepreneurs, and gives them a ground to perform together and in front of each other.

Before we start, it must be noted that all the customers aren’t as woke about technology and at times aren’t familiar with a lot of stuff that is out on the website. Therefore, it should be made sure that the website is user-friendly and is as easy to understand as it can be. Well, that is exactly what makes Mercari stand out from its contemporaries.

It has the most simplified User interface you will ever come across and setting up a shop on this website could be one of the easiest things you’d ever do. However, it must be noted that Mercari deducts 10% of the earnings as part of the sales fee. 

This platform is one of the most popular ones out there and is said to be a perfect option for those who seek exposure for their new business. The website has had more than 49 million downloads till now and has a large number of its customers accomplishing their transactions through the site.

Similar Sites and App Like Mercari:

Apart from Mercari, several other apps and websites allow budding entrepreneurs to set up their own online businesses. 

Do you ever look around the corners of your house and wish there was some space there for you to breathe? Does your home ever feel like a storehouse that just has random useless stuff stacked into it?

Well, letting go of your possessions is a hard task but maybe there’s something to help you. Letgo, is an app that has been curated to help you sell your belongings at the best prices. All you’ve got to do is just figure out the stuff that isn’t of much use to you and then put it up on Letgo. When we talk about stuff, you can sell anything here, from your gaming console to your smartphone. 

Another amazing app is Offerup. When it comes to selling one of our possessions, we would usually choose to give it to someone who lives nearby us or at least doesn’t live in time zones apart from us. Offerup does the same.

It identifies potential buyers around your locality and informs you. You can then choose your buyer from the list and contact them. It also keeps a keen eye on sales going around. Therefore, if you are looking to buy something, it allows you to identify the sales and be a buyer to the best sale in your locality.

This one is doing some amazing work in the UK. It is known for its contactless buying and selling services. The buyer does not have to move an inch from their house and so does the seller.

The items to be sold are put up on the app and the potential buyers view them. If they are interested, they contact the seller, and the item is picked up from the sellers’ house and dropped off at the buyers’ place. 

Poshmark is a platform where sellers are the fashionistas you would admire. They sell everything from their clothes to accessories and even suggest looks for how two items can go together. Therefore, you could be a fashionista too, and at cheaper prices. You do not need to worry about the quality of the items you’re buying. Poshmark makes sure that you receive your item in its best state.

When it comes to “online marketplace, eBay is a well-known brand. The website not just offers a wide range of products but also has a huge customer base given its popularity. It has even won several awards like Sellers Choice Award, Most Profitability, and Most Recommended Marketplace award.

Depop is again a platform where you can buy or sell all your vintage collections from your bags to your shoes and your clothes to your accessories. It has space for everything and a huge customer base too, to aid your selling experience. It does not have stylists selling their products, rather all the big brands out there come to this platform to help you buy the best.

Carousel not only allows you to buy or sell products like clothes and smartphones, but it even offers you pre-owned books, bikes, cars, bicycles, and whatnot. What makes them stand out of the crowd is their policy of charging no commissions in whatever forms, at all.

This very popular brand is presently available for services in the U.S.A, U.K., the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, France, and Germany. One could buy or sell absolutely anything in this app and it does not charge any fee 

for listing your product on their website.

From bags, watches, clutches to clothes, shoes, and rings, there is nothing you cannot find here. It sells everything.

Apart from just buying or selling products online, OpenBazaar allows you to have some fun with cryptocurrency too. It has its services available across Slovakia, Thailand, and India.


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