According to Chris Watts, he wouldn’t have landed in prison if not for his mistress, Nichol Kessinger. In Chris Watts’: Confession of a Killer, we will get glimpses of how far a person is willing to go for love.

If you have not heard about this, Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann, and two daughters, Celeste (3 years old), and Belle (4 years old). Find out all about what happened to them here!

Who Is Nichol Kessinger?

Nichole Kessinger is the mistress of Chris Watts who is a key witness in the trial of the latter. She was born in Colorado and finished a degree in geology in 2013 at the Colorado State University. She has spent most of her time in places in Colorado, such as Littleton, Fort Collins, Aurora, and Denver among others.

She started working as a bookkeeper but became an engineer later on. She worked for Tasman Geosciences as a contract worker. She met a fellow colleague, Chris Watts, in the environmental department sometime in May or June of 2018. The murders of Watts’ family happened in August 2018.

According to Kessinger, Watts appeared to be someone softspoken when they met. She also said he seemed to be a loving father. She said that Watts told her that he and his wife are close to finalizing their divorce. However, she eventually found out that he had been lying. There was never a divorce happening .

The two were seeing each other a couple of times before they engaged in a wrongful relationship. On the night of the killings, the two talked over the phone for 111 minutes. But, when she knew that Watts’ wife went missing, she immediately notified the police.

What Happened to Chris Watts’ Family?

On August 13, 2018, Chris Watts murdered his wife who was pregnant at that time and their two daughters. He threw their bodies in oil tanks in Anadarko, where he was working in Colorado. When it was discovered, Watts kept changing his stories, and eventually, he confessed to strangling his wife after he saw her “smothering” their daughters.

Later on, he changed his story again saying that he killed his wife because she smothered their daughters after he told her that he wanted to end their relationship. He wanted to separate as he wants to be with Nichol Kessinger.

But when he was convicted, what happened to Nichol Kessinger? Where is she now?

Where Is Nichol Kessinger Now?

After the Discovery of the Murder

Ever since Chris Watts was arrested for murdering his family, Nichol Kessinger made extra effort to stay out of the spotlight. She provided her statement to the Bureau of Investigation in Colorado. Because of what happened, she lost her job. She was cooperative and informed their company. Even though the company did not seem too affected, she believes she lost her job because of what happened. The company simply told her that her contract has ended.

According to Kessinger, the bad publicity she has will find it really difficult for her to find a job for the next ten years.

After Chris Watts’ Conviction

After Chris Watts’ Conviction

After the conviction of Watts, she left Colorado and there are rumors that she is in a Witness Protection Program so she can have a fresh start. It is also because she received a lot of threats, public shaming, and even considered as one of the most despised people in the United States. She already expressed even before the conviction that she wanted to leave the town.

If she is in a Witness Protection Program, it will mean that she will have a new identity and will live in a faraway place. However, this rumor is weak as she never testified in the court and does not qualify her as a “witness on a stand.”

Based on the searches of her phone, Kessinger searched about Amber Frey, Scott Petterson’s mistress, who landed a book deal. Basing on this, it’s safe to assume that she is looking for answers from people who are in a similar situation with her.

Her Latest Whereabouts

The last update of where Nichole Kessinger is now is she’s living at Claude Court Road, Northglenn. She is also rumored to be with another guy named Jim Gutoski. He is also a geologist and it seems the two already met when Kessinger was still in a relationship with Watts.

About Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger’s Affair

Chris Watts stated that he only murdered his family because of his love for Nichole Kessinger. In fact, he even admitted that he is still in love with her. He even said that he has never loved anyone else more than he loved Kessinger. He wonders often where Kessinger is now. He said that he has received multiple postcards from various names and is wondering if they all came from her.


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