For you who has watched Real Steel, I understand how eager you are waiting for a part two of the film. Will Real Steel 2 come out anytime soon? For that and more information, be sure to read this piece to the end.

About Real Steel

Real Steel is a science-fiction sports movies, and its basis is from Steel a short story by Richard Matheson. The publication of Steel took place in 1956 on The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Seven years later it became an episode on The Twilight Zone.

As for Real Steel, the production started on June 24th, 2010 in Michigan, US. Before creation, it had taken some years to develop the story. Shawn Levy, Susan Montford, and Don Murphy are the producers of this film.

The plot of Real Steel

The story of Real Steel is about the replacement of human boxers by robot boxers. Initially, Charlie was the owner of Ambush(a robot boxer), but on fighting against Ricky’s bull, it didn’t win. On that note, Charlie had to escape the venue because he had placed a bet with Ricky.

When the fight was over, Kenton comes to known that his ex-lover was dead and a hearing was taking place to decide the custody of Max (His son). The only issue is that he had not been in contact with Max since he was born.


After the custody case, Charlie did not win as it was a Debra, an aunt to Max who had a rich husband called Marvin. Later Marvin had negotiations with Charlie and allowed him to take care of Max for three months as they were going for a vacation.

Charlie was staying at a boxing gym whose owner was the daughter (Bailey Tallet) to his former boxing coach. While at the boxing gym Kenton gets Noisy Boy a famous boxing robot but was wrecked by Midas during a fight. At that moment, Max had become a massive fan of robot boxing and helped Charlie search for parts to create a new robot.

While searching Max comes across Atom a mighty robot that could withstand any form of damage and could depict moves by his handler and store them in its memory as it had a shadow function. On its first encounter, it won against Metro. After the win, Max integrates Noisy Boy’s vocals in Atom and seeks help from Kenton on fighting moves.

Atom became famous after winning several fights and got a chance to fight in the World Robot Boxing championship. On the first fight, Atom was up against Twin Cities which Atom won, but the match was a game of minds. However, Charlie’s victory was all in vain as Ricky hunted him down after the battle and asked for his cash. That made Kenton furious and decided to take Max back to Debra and Marvin.

Later on, Atom pitted other robots and won, but its major fight was against Zeus who defeated him, but people said that Atom was the people’s champion.

Real Steel Cast

The people who make Real Steel fun to watch include;

  • Hugh Jackman – Charlie Kenton
  • Dakota Goyo – Max Kenton
  • Evangeline Lilly – Bailey Tallet
  • Anthony Mackie – Finn
  • Olga Fonda – Farra Lemkova
  • Karl Yune – Tak Mashido
  • Kevin Durand – Ricky
  • Hope Davis – Aunt Debra
  • James Rebhorn – Marvin

The Real Steel debut was on September 6th, 2011 in Paris, October 6th, 2011 in Australia, and October 7th, 2011 in the USA. The film runs for two hours and seven minutes.

Real Steel 2 Release Date

When will Real Steel be released? That’s a question most fans are asking themselves. According to Evangeline Lilly (Bailey Tallet) during an interview, she said that producing Real Steel 2 is a tedious task if the publicity is sparse and low box office records.

She went further to claim it is not known if the movie will continue or not. Levy said, “We’ve been developing a sequel for Real Steel for about four years, and we have great scripts but the tough decision to choose the best plot for the film. Additionally, the main factor in writing the plot is considering the audience.”

Why is Real Steel 2 not Coming Anytime Soon?

There have been many factors delaying the release of Real Steel 2. One of them is that Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman are working on other projects. For Jackman, he has been working on films such as;

  • Logan
  • The Greatest Showman
  • The Front Runner

Moreover, other casts are working on different projects too. This brings a considerable challenge in the production of the second part of Real Steel.


Real Steel budget was $110,000,000 and after its release it earned $299,300,000. So, the anticipation will continue longer, but according to rumors circulating on online media, the release of Real Steel 2 will be in 2022 or later.


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