Are you new to recreational machinery? Here is an insight into what you need to look for in a quad bike. The markets are experiencing an increase in many small quad bikes for sale. You can use quad bikes for special operations like hunting, agriculture, and sports. Buying quad bikes is, at times, a daunting operation. You need to check your budget limits whenever you go through the different sizes and types in the market.

If you are to buy a new quad bike today, then here are the considerations you have to consider before buying it.

Selecting the right bike

A quad bike has four wheels, but at times it’s challenging to handle the machine. You must have full control of the quad bike to ensure proper body positioning. The control will also offer equal weight distribution via the steering. It’s thus important to select a bike that is easy and comfortable to control.

Motorbikes lack many adjustable features like a steering wheel. To buy a bike that suits your needs, don’t ever depend on the ten minutes trial in the showroom. You need to assess the different quad bikes in the market before you buy any. The quad bikes are best suited for recreational activities. You need a better machine that will make the experience memorable.

You can also use it for an off-road long-distance trip if you can get a better quad bike.

Selecting the right bike


You need to carry out intense research before you buy anything. For any off-road vehicle that you need to buy, make sure you read everything about it. Know the brand and the possible areas you can access for service and repairs.

You need to know where you will get the spare parts in case of a fault in the quad bike. Knowing all this makes it easy to maintain your bike for a long time.

Use the internet to get reviews, reliability, and other issues about the bike. Talking to current owners of quad bikes will also influence if you will buy them.

Weight and size

Weight goes hand in hand with quad bike displacement. Since quad bikes are good for racing, those that weigh below 300 kgs are for children. The 400kg bike suits everyday use while those with 500kgs are for carrying loads. The extra seat on quad bikes isn’t for an extra person but for you to reposition yourself as you drive it.

If an extra person seats on that seat, then the bike will lose stability and track.


Choose a bike that can handle the terrain where you will use it. It will boost control and the ability to make sharp corners. The tires are very important as they influence the breaking sensitivity of the bike. Universal tires can be good as they allow to move off-road.

Off-road tires are for extreme terrains and professional riders to handle all obstacles.

Engine size

Quad bikes with 50 to 100 cc engines are best for children for security reasons. They also need to have little suspension and automatic transmission.

Used vs. new quads

Buying used bikes will cost you more in repairs and warranty. Before you buy any used bike, have a friend who knows bikes well to assist you in assessing the bike. The bike has to be in good condition with all documentation. It should have an insurance cover, and you have to take it for a ride in all terrains to test if it’s still fit for use.


Any small issue can make you choose the wrong bike. Be prompt with the feature and what you need to get the best bike that won’t disappoint.


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