Driving a UTV or Side by Side during the winter is different from riding it in the summer. The cold weather, accompanied by heavy snow often, exerts a lot of strain on its body and machine.

Driving these vehicles in such conditions can seem like an impossible task, particularly if you aren’t used to it. However, the proper winter side by side accessories will make your off-roading or work more accessible and more enjoyable. They will also keep you safe to a great extent. What are the essential accessories that you should have? Read on to know more.

Winter Tires

Winter trail riding is becoming quite famous with each passing year. However, driving in the snow can be a tricky business. The ice is slippery, and without proper maneuvering, it could cause your vehicle to lose control.

When it comes to winter tires, you have two options. You could either go for all-season tires or those explicitly designed for winters. If you go for all-terrain ones, you won’t have to change them post-winter.

Generally, it is better to go with tires with a soft rubber compound and a six-ply rating with a C load range. For trail rides, opt for radial tires, where the steel belts run parallel to the tread line.

Winter Tires


You’re going to be needing tracks if you’re going to be driving on frozen lakes, slush, and terrain covered with layers of heavy snow. It would help compare various tracks’ flotation, stability, and traction before settling for a particular one. You could also use some ATV tracks with the help of brackets and other tools on your UTV.

Between the three, pay specific attention to floatation or the ground coverage area. The more the vehicle’s load is spread over a large extent, the easier it becomes to drive on the snow. What you should also remember is that there’s no universal track size for UTVs. The drive sprocket has to calibrate with the machine to deliver optimum performance.

Cab Enclosures

Cab enclosures are indispensable for winter UTV riding. That is unless you can brave the snow and icy winds. Getting too much snow inside your vehicle could ruin the gear. Go with an enclosure with easy-to-install windshields, a quick-release mounting system, and a wiper kit that efficiently cleans the snow or rain.

They should also have an in-built heater. If they don’t, it’s a good idea to invest in one. The heater provides warmth by running the coolant through the heater core. You can get the heater installed by professionals or decide to do it yourself with simple tools like safety goggles, pliers, torque wrench, mounting brackets, utility knife, and sandpaper.


You can choose from different types of windshields for your UTV. Some of those are full-fitted, half-fitted, and lifted windshields. They are essential in keeping the snow out and retaining the heat. During long rides in winters, you will realize the importance of both.

The three factors that you should consider while buying windshields are strength, scratch resistance, and clarity. They should not show scratches, as that can obstruct your vision besides being unpleasant aesthetically. The shield should be able to withstand cracks and not easily break. It should also allow ample light to enter the vehicle.

Heated Steering Wheel

You might think of a heated steering wheel as a luxury. But wait until you step inside your UTV after it snows all night. With the press of a button, you will find your wheel warm and inviting. There are some factors to consider before buying one, though.

It should draw less power, include a cutoff switch to prevent overheating, warm up quickly, and install easily. However, never cover the heated wheel since that could lead to overheating rapidly.

You will need these side by side accessories for comfort, safety, and optimum results during the winter rides. Always check the model, price, and type of accessory carefully before installing them on your UTV.


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