Investment migration is the best way to legally immigrate if you have the means to build your life in a new country on your own. More than 80 countries currently offer this sort of migration, and the most popular ones have been in Europe.

There have been doubts and risks attached to this, but in this globalized world, investment migration is a lucrative prospect for both the host country and the applicants. The country gets a fresh pool of talented personnel and highly motivated entrepreneurs who can push the economy a long way. In addition, the applicant gets greater education, business opportunities, and a better quality of life.

Most European countries (19 out of 27) have their own frameworks to provide residency in exchange for an investment. Among them, Portugal’s Golden Visa program has been one of the most benefited ones.

That’s where an investment migration consultancy can help anyone looking to migrate to a foreign land. They provide options, seamless service from your current country to the country you want to immigrate to, and many more benefits. Especially in Portugal, as they are one of the most sought-after locations for investment migration.

Here’s how an investment migration consultancy can help you to get the much-desired Portugal Golden Visa.

●     They’ll manage the paperwork.

You may think that paperwork would be the least hassling aspect in terms of migration. Well, here’s the reality: it’s not. There have been proven cases of fraud, and some people with malicious intent got residency far too quickly in the past. So, the authorities have become alert and much more strict.

And naturally, the paperwork has become not-so-simple. You can apply yourself. But the filings will be huge, and if you make any mistake or miss submitting any of the required documents, your application will get discarded. And you’ll need to start all over again.

So, the margin for error is pretty small. And ultimately, your permit will get delayed, to add even more frustration. However, a specialized consultancy for Portugal Golden Visa can sort out the paperwork. They know which documents you’ll need, and they can help in acquiring them as well.

●     Helping in legal matters

Investment Migration is a big step in anyone’s life, as it’ll impact every aspect of their lives. Even for businesses, it’s a significant investment, and they’d want the best deal available. And when the stakes are so high, any small legality can disrupt all your dreams and even financial security. So, it’s best to be prepared beforehand.

The most efficient investment migration consultancies work hand-in-hand with renowned law firms that have experience and expertise in immigration and residency. So, you’ll receive effective legal advice and proper legal representation in case anything unfortunate happens.

And suppose you’re seeking better business opportunities through migration. In that case, consultants can help with company incorporation, complying with advisories, and many more value-added services such as full-scale business plans and expert projections as the full package.

●     More options for investment

There are many investment options eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa.

You can purchase real estate worth 500,000 euros if you opt for commercial or residential property in some interior areas. On the other hand, it’ll cost you 350,000 euros if you’re rehabilitating and even lower at 280,000 euros if you choose a low-density area. A good consultancy can help you identify options which come with a guarantee rental income, which is your safest investment option.

Alternatively, you can invest 500,000 euros in any existing business in Portugal or any investment fund. Finally, you can also become eligible by making a capital transfer of 1.5 million euros.

Top-class investment migration consultancies can give you much more options and choices as they work with real estate developers. In addition, they can put you in contact with prime contractors and make your search easier with much better real estate with better value for money.

Also, they can help you to open a bank account in Portugal, obtain the NIF (an individual income tax number), and get your visa on your behalf.


Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a great window for anybody who wants to shift to Portugal, where you can have substantial business opportunities, especially in the tourism sector, or relax in the Mediterranean sun.

You just need to play your cards right: hire an investment migration consultancy, get the best deal and make an investment for a better future, and then enjoy the facilities of a golden visa for 5 years with your entire family, where you can freely travel all around Europe. At the end of 5 years, you’ll get the residency too.


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