The world is beginning to open up again to those with the travel bug in 2022, and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore different countries. This handy guide takes you through those essential nuggets to be aware of as you explore unchartered territories.

Understand Local Laws

Depending on where you’re choosing as your travel destination, you may find the laws to be much stricter than you’re used to at home.

Take the time to research what you can and can’t legally do in your country of choice, particularly when it comes to public decency laws and the consumption of alcohol. Ignorance will be no defense if you fall foul of local laws and end up getting arrested.

At the same time, research your rights and ensure you have the details of your nation’s embassies and legations just in case you find yourself in hot water.

Be Smart With Money

The temptation to exchange your money as soon as you touch down at the airport is enormous. However, it can prove extremely expensive. Likewise, using local vendors to exchange into the local currency might see you charged excessive fees and exchange at a lower rate than you could elsewhere.

Using reputable banks will make sure you exchange at a competitive rate and not be liable to be ripped off.

In addition, using traveler checks instead of carrying large amounts of local currency is advisable. Not only does this minimize the risk of being targeted by criminals, but if you do end up losing checks, so long as you have a note of their serial numbers, canceling them and getting replacements is a simple operation.

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Get Insured

Travel insurance can feel like an unnecessary expense when preparing to travel abroad; however, it is more than worth the outlay if disaster strikes.

Venturing into the unknown is not risk-free; you could get caught in a landslide or a natural disaster such as a tsunami or earthquake. In addition, many activities such as skiing, watersports, and climbing, for example, could lead to severe accidents and injuries.

Depending on where you’re traveling, ensuring you are covered for all eventualities that may happen is essential for peace of mind and acts as a reassurance to loved ones at home.

Keep Your Travel Documents Safe

Ensure you have your travel documents with you and within easy reach at all times when you’re traveling across the country. Make copies of everything and lodge one set with your embassy and another with your emergency contacts back home.

Your passport is the most crucial document you’ll have with you, so keep this somewhere safe and accessible on your person at all times. It’s also essential to carry important phone numbers with you on paper so that if something happens, you can contact whoever you need to, even if your phone battery is flat.

Get Jabbed

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the world the importance of vaccines and getting inoculated against diseases.

When traveling to far-flung countries, it’s wise to check your overall health before you set off and get any jabs to keep you safe from any diseases that might be prevalent locally.

Take some time to research and understand the food, weather, and water quality where you’re traveling to minimize the risk of health issues abroad. If any allergens are widely used in the local cuisine, be aware of this before you jet off.

Learn the Language

Translation smartphone apps have significantly reduced the language barrier for people traveling through foreign climes. However, there is still a considerable benefit to be had by learning key phrases in the local dialect.

This is particularly important in countries where wi-fi and mobile phone connectivity will be more limited than you’re used to, as well as if you’re in a location where there is very little access to electricity to charge your phone.

In addition, locals appreciate it when foreign nationals try to integrate into the local culture by learning some of the languages. Taking the time to do this will guarantee you a warm welcome wherever your travels take you.

Understand Local Customs and Culture

Researching the customs and culture of the country you’re traveling to is crucial to preparing for your travels. You’ll find that even within the same country, many different groups of people will live differently and observe different customs and rituals.

In the same way that westerners are very protective of their own culture, everyone’s way of life worldwide is equally essential to them.

Remain respectful at all times, don’t be afraid to ask questions of the locals to help your understanding, and if you’re invited to join in, feel free to do so. But, be extra careful not to offend.


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