Social Media has deep-seated in the rising as well as the old generation. It has ingrained so extensively that if anyone is not present on social media then people find it impossible to take them seriously. One may find all the categories of people like old, young, wealthy, moneyless on social media. They have their way of using these platforms. However, one thing that the youth has loved and immediately adopted is the use of acronyms. Oldies are still coming in terms of its use.

Acronyms got created by making use of the first letter or letters of each word. The pronunciation of these acronyms differs. When we read these acronyms, some get pronounced as letters like DIY that states Do It Yourself. Many other acronyms get pronounced as words like SWOT that means Strength, Weakness, opportunities, and threats. Nowadays, the use of these acronyms is escalating. Thus, it becomes essential to understand their meanings.

What is the meaning of LMAO?

LMAO is a slang used on the Internet that exemplifies laughing my ass off. It got introduced in the market of social media in the early 1990s. That was the era when people had just started with online communication. It gets used very often while chatting in different types of instant or text messaging on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It generally gets used to represent the feeling that one is laughing hard enough to lose their body organs. However, not a single body part gets taken apart due to laughing.

Everyone might have heard about the slang LOL which means laughing out loud. We make use of this to indicate that something is too hilarious. One can consider LMAO to be the more intensive and weightier version of LOL.

Writing this short-form LMAO is easy and time-saving than writing the whole sentence stating that it is just too funny as this made me laugh so hard.

How should LMAO be used?

Ideally, the slang LMAO gets used only in informal communication like chatting or messaging a friend or any close person. Using it needs to get avoided in any formal conversation. If the need arises to make use of LMAO in an official dialogue, it is necessary to make use of single capitalization rules. For informal talks, people can write LMAO in either uppercase or lowercase.

People have researched on how one can use LMAO in many different ways to describe that they are laughing too hard. Like one may add extra o’s at the abbreviation end like LMAOO. Writing LMAOO stands for laughing my ass off and off. Meanwhile, the one’s comfortable with the ‘f’ word, twist the LMAO, and make it LMFAO. It means that something particular is too funny. This slang is not safe and inappropriate to use at work as it sounds more vulgar than funny.

What Does LMAO Mean

Acronyms that gets used with LMAO

Several other acronyms are used instead of LMAO. The ultimate meaning of these acronyms remains the same, expressing laughter, however, with a minor distinctiveness. Let us look at these acronyms:

  • ROFL – This stands for rolling on the floor laughing. Many try to twist it and say ROFLMAO. It gets used to state that something is extraordinarily hilarious.
  • ROFLOL – Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
  • LOL – Laughing out loud, though LOL also gets used for its alternative meanings such as lots of love and little old lady
  • LQTM – laughing quietly to myself
  • LMHO – laughing my head off
  • LSMH – laughing and shaking my head
  • LOLZ – more than a single laugh
  • HAHA- the salient sound of actual laughing

What are other meanings of LMAO?

Though the meaning of LMAO is laughing hard to indicate that something is highly funny, there are several other meanings associated with it. Not many people will be aware of this fact. Thus, they are never using LMAO for their alternative senses. Let us have a look at the alternative meanings of LMAO:

  • LMAO – Let’s meet at the office
  • LMAO – Let’s make an oath
  • LMAO – Let’s make an offer
  • LMAO – Leave me alone, okay?
  • LMAO – Last man at the office
  • LMAO – Laughing my arms off
  • LMAO – laughing my ankles off
  • LMAO – lick me all over

As most people do not know these different meanings of LMAO, one should use it very wisely to avoid any confusion.

Use LMAO for any of the above meanings only when you are pretty sure that the person you are talking with knows the context in which you are using it.

Some of the common Internet chat Acronyms

  • FB – Facebook
  • BFF – Best Friends Forever
  • BTT – Back to Topic
  • AAMOF – As a matter of fact
  • GR8 – great
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • L8R – later
  • TYSM – Thank You So Much
  • DW – Don’t Worry
  • IMO – In my opinion
  • Noob – newbie
  • TBH – To be honest
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • OMG – Oh my God
  • NP – No Problem

What is the difference between Netspeak and Leetspeak?

All the abbreviations used by today’s era in the world of social media such as LOL, LMAO, OMG are what constitute the Netspeak. Netspeak is also known as chatspeak. Almost all the people on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are using them. You may be surprised to know that many of these acronyms got used even before the introduction of these social media sites.

Leetspeak is a language developed by hackers. It got mainly used by hackers. Using Leetspeak, hackers used to pass by all the email filters. Netspeak is associated with Leetspeak. In Leetspeak, the hackers replace the letters of the word with numbers or other letters that look similar. The hackers replace the letter l with 1, e with 3, and t with 7. At times, they also try to change the spelling of certain words.  Let us look at some of the words of Leet language:

  • Ski11z = skills
  • n00b = noob
  • j00 – You
  • kewl – cool
  • phear – fear
  • c3n50red – censored
  • hax – hacks
  • Haxxor = hacker
  • 1337 = leet

Leetspeak has got attention over time as it is not solely used by hackers now. Though it is getting used in many areas, the language is still not used hugely by social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Online gamers, forum posters, and programmers are the real users of this language.


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