10 Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online For Free

As the world is encountering fresh and advancing technologies daily, so is the workload increasing for the people. The schedules are getting hectic with each passing day for every individual.

The situation gets worse if you are a diehard sports enthusiast. Nothing gets compared to the excitement and fun one experiences while watching a crucial game.

However, the hectic busyness may stand in the way of sports fanatics and sports like Tennis, Rugby, MLB, EPL, and NFL. But don’t upset yourself; we have got a list of free sports streaming sites. Through that, you can view a live stream or replay all the games. You can watch them in High Definition on the desktop or mobile.

Finding one relevant site for watching sports online can be a tedious task as the internet has loads of unreliable sites. But for you, we have done all the profound research and made this list of best-streaming sites that can stream anything from UEFA Champions League knockouts to NBA playoff. Let us go through the list:

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites List:

1. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV stands out first in our list due to its super easy interface and the broad range of sporting content it is offering. All the information one must be looking for related to sports like Soccer, Rugby, Soccer, and Cricket are available here.

Live Soccer TV

This site presents information regarding current live matches, live streams, a replay of past matches, upcoming matches, and competitions. The best part about being on this site is that the users can enjoy the live streams without the need to create an account. The site is also available on both the platforms iOS and Android that makes it mobile-friendly.

2. is the most admired site by many sports fans for its wide range of sports games covered. has acquired a regular place in the heart and lives of all soccer or La Liga football fans. The site promises to provide a captivating experience through its High Definition live streaming.

All the categories of sports like NFL, Hockey are pooled under the type and league. The unique and the best feature of this site is that it enables the viewers to record the matches so that they can enjoy offline playback if they can’t watch the live one. The site is also interesting to those vocal fans who love to have an intense and light comedy discussion on the site’s forums.

3. Cricfree TV

As the name says, Cricfree is a streaming website primarily devoted to the game of cricket. The site also provides videos of other sports like Basketball, Formula 1, Baseball, Football, Golf, Rugby, NFL, and Boxing.

Cricfree TV

This site makes use of video streams that get presented somewhere else to provide the content of sports. The site is also available as an app on both iOS and Android. However, the minus point of the site is the irritating pop-up ads. They cannot get ruled out with ad blockers. But the user can enjoy the live stream of NFL thoroughly as it is free from ads.

4. Stream2watch

One of the biggest sports streaming sites is none other than Stream2watch. It is the most sought-after site by all the sports fans from across the globe. This site consists of sports like NBA, Soccer, Cycling, Cricket, Rugby, Snooker, etc.


This site never fails in impressing its viewers for smooth streaming sports videos while all others are going through server issues. This site has an easy to understand user interface. The dark-clad appearance of the interface is a treat for indoor viewing. There are multiple mirror links associated with every sporting event that keeps all the sports fans updated without missing any information.

5. Sony Liv

Sony is the owner and supporter of Sony Liv. Sony Liv is the sought-after site for the game of soccer. The site hosts all the high definition videos of games like Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, WWE, Redbull Air Race, MotoGP, NBA, and UFC.

Sony Live sport tv

All the sports fans can stay updated with all the ongoings in the sports world by visiting this site as it shares all the relevant information. Moreover, important information like news, talk shows, schedules of upcoming games, fixtures is available on the site. The site is developed for both the platforms iOS and Android so that users can enjoy watching it anywhere.


6. Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar belongs to Star Networks. Primarily made for India or the subcontinent, the site provides live streaming of several sports games. All the videos are available in high definition in addition to the match highlights that make it more popular.


Hotstar is available in both mediums – as a site and as an app. However, watching videos through a mobile app is free. If they are viewed on the desktop, the viewer has to opt for a premium package.


LiveTV is distinctive when compared to all other sports streaming sites. It gets counted as one of the best sports streaming sites. One can enjoy games like Soccer, Basketball, hockey, etc.


The main reason behind it being distinctive is that it provides live streaming of various sports matches in numerous languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. The site facilitates the viewers by giving them an update on the live scores without the need to watch the match live. The interface of the site is super easy for any newbie.

8. Bosscast

As it is a US-initiated site, Bosscast is primarily devoted to sports like Basketball, American Football, and Baseball. The site also serves videos related to other sports satisfying the demand of various sports fans.


This site consists of a chatbox through which the viewers can provide inputs and have a conversation. The interface of the site is user-friendly. One can navigate easily through the available channels for live stream sporting content.

9. Streamwoop

Streamwoop holds a special place in the hearts of North American Viewers. This site provides live streaming of several America-based sports such as NHL, NBA, and NFL. One can enjoy watching other sports like Baseball, Ice hockey, Tennis, Football, and Soccer.


This site hosts everything from replays, live competitions, trending events to the current day’s games. The viewers can have a chat with fellow chatmates while watching the game live. However, the site has not a good UI/UX. Also, it is not mobile-friendly.

10. Mamahd

Mamahd is a popular sports streaming website that registers around 5 million monthly visits. Most of the audience of this website is from the UK and the USA. The site has 40 percent of visitors from Europe.


One can enjoy sports videos such as horse racing, cricket, WWE, NFL, Tennis, NHL, college basketball, gymnastics, live boxing, and many others on the site. The site also offers chat functionality through which a viewer can connect with other sports lovers from across the globe. However, the site has a shortcoming that it is not mobile-friendly.


Last modified: October 18, 2020