The Benefits Of Using A Self Tanner


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Self Tanner?

Self-tanning products are widely available today and are becoming the choice of many when avoiding harmful UV rays and sun beds. In the past they may have had a reputation for providing an unnatural orange glow and leaving streaks but the modern products have more natural colours and can leave very desirable results. 

Advantages of using self tanners

According to some experts, one of the advantages of using a clear self-tanning device is that the color can evolve so that you can build the color through applications. Clear tanners leave the skin soft and smooth and will not dye the clothing so it is perfectly ok to wear light and white garments.

Self-tanner products improve your skin tone by creating a natural tan that looks without orange hues and streaks. While gradual tanners add dabs of color throughout the day, self-tanning products can be applied in the morning and offer the same amount of color in less time than a typical spray – on tan. 

Creams, lotions instead of sprays

If you want a good looking fake tan but don’t want to be around a spray that you could inhale then switch to a self-tanning lotion or gel. Some self tanners are enhanced by a natural exfoliation and moisturizing treatment that gives you a deep, toned and natural tan within hours of application. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Self Tanner

How long does the tan last?

Properly applied, good self tanners can last almost as long as a real tan, without the risk of skin cancer. After all, one of the advantages of a natural self-tanner (as opposed to a real tan) is that the skin retains its youthful appearance for much longer. You’ll be much quicker to get bronzed and relax a lot more if you self tan than if you use a sunbed or lie out in the sun. 


One of the main advantages of sunless tanning is that it is much safer than using tanning lotions for regular outdoor tanning. Sunless sunscreens have been proven safe as long as you use them according to the instructions, so safety is the most important factor in their use.

Tans have always been popular but in the past little was known about the dangers of regular UV exposure. Not only is there a risk of skin cancer but the sun ages skin quicker and can leave a person looking old before their time when they were searching for the exact opposite with a tan. One extra benefit of using a self-tanning product, apart from the fact that it has no harmful effects on the skin, is they often have a high content of antioxidants. 

Who should use self tan?

A self-tanning product is ideal for face and body, making it a must have for anyone who wants to tan without the risks. It is especially suitable for those who just want to tan their face, but also for the rest of the body.

You may need help to apply your tan and with this you can either use a self tan glove with the chosen product to do the parts you can see or you can enlist a trusted friend or preferably a professional. 

What about problem skin?

If your skin is drier, make sure you find a self-tanning product with moisturizing properties because it can reduce dry skin.. Using a sunbed and laying out in the sun can dry out the skin, while self-tanning moisturizes your skin and makes it feel much softer and healthier. You can achieve this with a self-tanner that moisturizes your features and does far less damage to your skin. Just as you use different moisturizers on your face and body, you can do the same with your self-tan.

If you are concerned about tanners then ther are other ways to brighten your skin. There are also tanners that are suitable for sensitive skin and for people who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Anyone with any concerns should check with their doctor first before taking any product on a problem area.

Real sun tan vs fake

A sunscreen is easy to use because it can be applied in the same way as body lotions and allows you to go in the sun for a certain period of time without risk. Self-tanners don’t provide UV protection from the sun’s rays but do provide fast results. Which one you choose is up to you but with either it is important to protect your skin from sun damage. Just because you have a lovely looking self tan doesn’t mean that you are immune to burning and it is now recommended by some not to mix sunscreen and self tan.

Last modified: December 20, 2020