Korean dramas are always known for their huge fan base and Vagabond is one of them. Vagabond is a South Korean television spy series which features South Korean actor, Lee Seung-gi and South Korean actress Bae Suzi. The show has been a hit among the viewers ever since it released its first season. Owing to the popularity of the show, the series has been telecasted on Netflix.

The unique plotline and epic performances have left the audience in the desire of wanting to see more action. Although it has been a year since the release of the first season, it keeps initiating the discussion of its next instalment. Season one ended with a lot of mysteries which are predicted to be solved in season 2 of this action and adventurous series. Let’s dig in more deeply to find the latest updates about the release date, cast, plot, and crew of Vagabond.

Vagabond Season 2: Release Date

Season one of the Vagabond series was first aired on SBS TV in September 2019 which consisted of 16 episodes. According to the sources, it took 11 months to produce season 1 of the series. But it became a hit around Korea on the first day of its release.

As we know that action thriller may take a long time to come up with any further release, so the prospects of the release of season 2 seem to be blurred. But referring to its popularity, there are good chances of seeing its second season. Until any official announcement, we along with all the fans have kept our patience in wait for season 2 of the series.

Vagabond Season 2: The Cast

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The principal cast of season 1 of Vagabond enthralled everyone with their thrilling performances. South Korean actors are not only famous around Korea but in Asia and other parts of the world also. They are hardworking, smart, and receive massive recognition from around the world for their talented works. Here is a list of the main characters of the story which are the reason behind the success of the series Vagabond.

Main Characters:

Cha Dal-gun – South Korean actor, Lee Seung-gi was featured as Cha Dal-gun and played the role of a stuntman. His nephew got killed in a plane crash. So, he ends up fighting for justice for the victims of the plane crash and exposing some corrupt government conspiracies with the help of NIS and Hae-ri.

Go Hae-ri– South Korean actress Bae Suzi performed as Go Hae-ri. Hae-ri is seen as a covert operative of NIS and was also a civil servant in the series.

Gi Tae-ung– South Korean actor Shin Sung-rok played the role of Gi Tae-ung as the head of NIS’s information team in the series.

Supporting Characters:

Jung Kook-Pyo– He is the president of Korea in the series and the actor Baek Yoon Sik is playing the role.

Hong Soon-Jo– The prime minister of South Korea and Moon Sung Keun is playing this role.

An Ki-dong– The director-general of the NIS whose role is played by the actor Kim Jong-soo.

Special Appearances

Cha Hoon– Moon Woo-jin played the role of Cha Hoon who is a nephew of Cha Dal-gun.

Michael– António Pedro Cerdeira played the role of Michael, the culprit behind the B357 plane crash. He is also the VP of John & Mark Asia in the series.

We got to see several characters in season 1 and expect a return of these characters in season 2 as well along with the casting of some new faces. It is difficult to predict which characters will appear but the main characters will be surely on the returning member’s list for season 2.

Vagabond Season 2: The Plot

The plot of the first season revolves around a mysterious fictional storyline in which the protagonist’s nephew has been killed in a plane crash claiming over 211 lives. Shot in an international destination, Vagabond is about fighting against uprooted corruption in the South Korean government and determination to find the truth behind the plane crash.

Cha Dal-gun is a stuntman whose nephew has been killed in a plane crash. The protagonist, Cha Dal-gun starts investigating the hidden truth behind the accident. His investigation starts with the unveiling of some unscrupulous government conspiracies and a ring of terrorists who tried to cover up the plane crash tragedy. The further steps in investigation muddled him up in the dirty waters of corruption.

In the meantime, Cha Dal-gun meets Go Hae-ri who happens to be an operative of NIS. To expose the main culprits, Cha Dal-gun along with Hae-ri teams up with NIS to ultimately find justice. Hae-ri helps Cha Dal-gun and both intertwined in the race of getting justice.

Vagabond Season 2: Crew and Other Updates

If we talk about the crew of Vagabond then the series is a result of the fourth collaborations of the screenwriter with its first reading on June 2, 2018. Vagabond is directed by Yoo In-sik with executive producer Park Jae-sam. Till now, it has aired 16 episodes on SBS TV with the first episode being aired on September 20, 2019. Vagabond soon became everyone’s favorite just after it released the first few episodes.

Due to its unique storyline and the perfect mix of suspense and thrill, the series bagged a lot of appreciation and awards. In 2019, Vagabond won the SBS Drama Awards under the category of Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (Male and Female), Best Couple Award, and Hallyu Contents Award. Owing to its popularity worldwide, the series has been telecasted on Netflix. As of now, we can just talk about season one which was aired last year.

Everyone knows that season one of Vagabond left many mysteries to be solved and gave a clue for the probable chances of its second season. However, it seems difficult to predict anything about season 2 until any official announcement by the show. We will prefer to just see any future notification about it.


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