Messiah is a U.S thriller web series, created by Michael Petroni. It was released on Netflix in January 2020. The series acquired a lot of appreciation as well as criticism from the viewers after its launch Its season one started in the beginning of 2020.

The unique concept of the incarnation of God, miracles, followers, and the revelation of the identity of God’s messenger has completely shaken the fans in 2020. Owing to its unique storyline and popularity, the fans of season one are waiting for the season two now. We are here to discuss the possible release date, cast, plot, crew, and other updates of the show. Hook on to this article if you are curious to know everything about it.

Messiah Season 2: Release Date

The very first season of this series was released on January 1, 2020, on Netflix. The first season of the Messiah telecasted 10 episodes and gained a huge fan-base. Many well-known actors performed and won laurels around the web world in the very beginning. As for the second season, we may disappoint you with the sad news that the series has been cancelled by Netflix in March 2020.

It is indeed shocking and terrible news for the fans but still they have held their hopes high because only the broadcast has been cancelled not the journey of the show. The next phase of the plot of the show will probably be continued by the producers on some other broadcasting channel. If we talk about the legal notice or statement about the show then there is no official announcement for the release of season 2. It will be feasible to wait patiently for the next installment of the Messiah.

Messiah Season 2: The Cast

Messiah Season 2 Release DateImage Source: Digital Spy

The cast of season 2 is not decided yet. We are hopeful that the lead characters will surely make it to season 2. Season 1 of the Messiah series had an excellent mix of some amazing actors. Some well-known personalities were also featured in season one. Here is the list of characters featured in Messiah season one.

Al-Masih – Belgian actor, Mehdi Dehbi played the role of Al- Masih.

Aviram Dahan – Tomer Sisley, an Israeli actor played the role of Aviram.

Case Officer Eva Geller – Michelle Monaghan performed as CIA officer. Michelle is an American actress.

Felix Iguero – American Actor John Ortiz was featured as Felix in the series.

Anna Iguero – The character of Anna Iguero is played by Melinda Page Hamilton.

Rebecca Iguero – Stefania Lavie Oven was casted for the role of Rebecca Iguero.

Miriam Keneally – American actress, Jane Adams played the role of Miriam Keneally.

As of now, it is doubtful that whether the same cast will be seen in season two or not. All the characters performed very well in season one of the series and if season two gets a platform, then we are sure that some lead characters will get to appear in the new season.

Messiah Season 2: The Plot

The plot of the story revolves around the fictional storyline which portrays the concept of what if Jesus returns. Messiah, as the name suggests, is considered the guardian of people and followers. The lead character of the series is portrayed as an incarnation of God who sparks an element of trust and faith in his followers by showing his miraculous powers.

The series focuses on the reaction of the modern world to a divine man from the Middle East. It is apparent in the series that a CIA carries on the investigation of a divine figure who is assumed to have some divine powers. His followers believe in his miracles and claim him to be the return of Isa (Jesus).

The show starts with the yellow-clad preacher who leads his followers but later on gets arrested by the Isreal Police. Jailed Al-Masih is interrogated by the police officer, Dahan who refuses to reveal his identity to Masih but Dahan was soon left dumbstruck when Al-Masih spelled his name and identity.

With Al Masih’s escape from the sight, the Israeli Police starts a further investigation with the help of the CIA. Following this, Al- Masih gets gun-fired by the authorities in a city plaza in Jerusalem, which accidentally hits a boy but the boy rises with the miraculous powers of Al-Masih. Meanwhile, Al-Masih gets abducted by Dahan and The White House decides to leak Al-Masih’s real name to the press which disappointed the followers of Al-Masih.

Undoubtedly, the series focuses on finding the truth behind the hidden identity of Al-Masih, who claims to be an incarnation of God. Eva Geller shows a fair deal of suspicion and starts the investigation to determine the truth. Throughout the show, Al-Masih survives an arrest, a would-be plane crash in which Al-Masih and Dahan were claimed to rise from dead as narrated by a shepherd near the crash site.

Messiah Season 2: Crew and Other Updates

The trailer of the Messiah series was out last year and the airing of the show on Netflix went live in January 2020. With a running time of 38-55 minutes, the show is produced by Michael Petroni, Mark Burnett, Andrew Deane, Brandon Guercio, and David Nicksay. Season one of the series consisted of ten episodes with the lead stars like Mehdi Dehbi, Tomer Sisley, Michelle Monaghan, John Ortiz, and Wil Travel.

Despite being a narrative of the miraculous and extraordinary powers of God’s messenger, the show received a mix of appreciation as well as criticism from the Muslim community. In 2019, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan had urged Netflix to disallow the streaming of the series as it was found to be hurtful to the religious sentiments of the Muslims.

The unique plotline of the show created a lot of buzz but ended with the dismay of its huge fan base. The untimely demise of the show by Netflix has left the audience with an option to just wait for the good things to happen.


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