Dinosaurs Into Fun Decor

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Turn A Child’s Love For Dinosaurs Into Fun Decor

Superheroes, princesses, animals, cars… children go through different phases, and their interest level in each spike at various times in their childhood. As they grow older, the phase that most kids go through is a dinosaur fascination.

Find out why your child develops an obsession with these prehistoric creatures and how you can keep them happy with funky dinosaur bedding and other accessories for their room. In this article, we’ll learn just why dinosaurs are so appealing to your child and how you can decorate their space and belongings with dinosaur themed bits and bobs to enthrall the little ones;

The Obsession Begins

If there’s one thing that children love, it’s dinosaurs. Many kids build up an extensive collection of toys. And when it comes to dinosaurs, there is a whole captivating world to discover with so many facets to explore and enjoy.

These ancient reptiles came in all varieties, from tiny, ferocious raptors to gentle herbivorous giants and it is this range that appeals to a small child because there is almost a dinosaur for everyone to relate to and see elements of their fantasy self in. The dinosaur era holds a special fascination for people of all ages, but particularly for children.

Turn A Child’s Love For Dinosaurs Into Fun Decor

The Origins Of The Fascination

Although science has done away with certain myths about dinosaurs, these ancient beasts continue to live a life of their own in children’s imaginations. This is derived from films, games, and books which are centred around dinosaurs and their larger than life appearances and extreme characteristics which fascinate children. Jurassic Park for example brings the extinct beasts to life in a way children could only ever imagine and it is truly captivating to them.

Why Children Like Dinosaurs So Much

Your little budding paleontologist will have their own reason for their love for dinosaurs but it is likely to be one of the following;

  • Dinosaurs are not scary despite their physical prowess as they no longer exist
  • They are a connection to the past beyond what children see and hear of
  • Children are proud of being an expert and love to reel off their dinosaur facts
  • They dream of being as strong as them ‘when they grow up’
  • Children are intrigued by the mystery of dinosaurs disappearance

How You Can Collaborate With This Phase At Home

Given the time and effort, your child will put into their newfound love for dinosaurs you may as well jump on the bandwagon and get fully involved. Immerse yourself in dinosaur home decor and show your commitment to your offspring’s obsession by feeding it, after all, it is educational and they will benefit too. So how do you do this? 

We aren’t suggesting you have a lifesize Barney The Dinosaur cardboard Cut-out to greet people as they enter your home or have pterodactyl figures around every lampshade in the house but if you focus on your child’s bedroom you can have some fun and make it really cool for them; Dinosaur bedding is a must.

A unique T-rex bedspread will make them feel safe at night as no one is gonna mess with a T-rex right? It is security and peace of mind knowing they are protected once the lights go out. Accessorize around this main feature and you will gain favor with your young scientist-to-be.